New Vista boot animation & sound?

Look what I found in Windows Vista build 5728.

Could this be the “spiritual” branding experience Steve Ball, group program manager for the Windows Audio Video Excellence team was talking about? Even though the sound is unique, after playing it a few times, I’ve already gotten used to it. Somewhere through the deep tones, it still reminds me of Windows.

Update: It has been confirmed this is not the official Windows Vista startup sound.

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  1. Why do they hide so much stuff in the current builds that won’t be used until several builds later? Do they have to or is it just to build the hype about Windows Vista?


  2. I hope this is not the case. The only sound that i use is the new messeage notification for messenger. All the rest are anoyances, and especially if you open up your laptop during a lecture or in the library.

  3. It is at the end of several of the videos in RC1 as well – Mail, Navigate, Mouse, Printing (etc)… so I guess it has been in there for a while, they were just still updating the videos when RC1 was released.

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  5. I liked the Windows 95, 98, 2000/Me and XP sounds very much. I hate Vista sounds. The previous sounds/music appealed internationally to people of any language and music culture ..(no offense meant).. Vista sounds aren’t like that.

  6. The Vista sound was suprisingly loud and had an element of Win98 startup (that one goes “mmmbrrrrrrwhooooooooo….” !!

    I like the Windows XP and 2000/ME startups.

    Vista’s “electric-guitar branding” sound is too strong imho and as someone else mentioned, may not work well internatioanlly (unlike say a piano as the sound).

  7. I like the sounds that wee on Windows 95. I heard the old win95 startup was composed by Brian Eno.

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  10. very nice souNot bad. Where in the build did you find this, if I may ask?

    nd, i like it but i prefer the 98 sounds

  11. I work for a magazine that is writing an article on Vista. We were hoping to use the above picture in the magazine. We will give you creds if you agree and send the names of who we should credit to [email protected]. Thanks
    -Michael F

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