New Vista nature wallpapers

These nature wallpapers comes from Windows Vista build 5728 released today to technical beta testers and the public. These may or may not have been new to build 5728, but is interesting nevertheless. As you would expect, the quality of these wallpapers are amazing and I’m sure there are many more wallpapers like these that are not going to be in the betas, but the injected into the final builds to be a surprise.

You can find these in the C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Nature directory from the Windows Vista Starter edition.


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  2. Cool papers! go to my fave sie, google, and search the term “vista transformation”. download and install the software. It s still your original OS (win xp, 200, etc.) But the user inteface s totally pimped out. A new taskbar, new window look, new explorer layout, icons, ummm.. start menu. Pretty cool…

    cons: I don’t know if it is undoable…
    May be a few bugs
    other stuff

  3. Wanna hear something funny? Not a single one of these is in the final RTM of Vista Ultimate. Maybe they’re being held back for the extras?

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  5. those wallpapers are very nice. We also have some hi def wallpapers from the artist that created all the vista wallpapers availabe on our website that are not in any windows vista release.

    Thanks for the share!

  6. really nice wallpaper thanks.
    i really like nature wallpaper; it makes me remember to great of god

  7. Just say the words “WOW”…

    Really fantastic Wallpapers…..

    I like nature very much…

    Thanx for these nice WallPapers…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I like This collection features handmade wallpapers that are beautiful, unique, original and fun. You can select from differnet designs, to cusomize your own desktops to the entire look and feel of your desktop. Take a deep breath and dive in!.

  9. this is cool for backgrounds you should put them on yours!!!!!!!!! i love it on mine

  10. i couldn’t find wallpapers better tha this from any other site. it’s really great.

  11. I am very much impressed by these wallpapers

    please send me latest 3-d and other window vista wallper.

    1. دستت درد نكنه. بهترين راه براي نشون دادن فرهنگ ناب ايراني حقيقتا همين كار شما بود.

  12. hello again…thanks for sharing..i like your wallpapers…
    more power…

    thnks again..

    jhun of saudi arabia

  13. I like new wondeful wallpapers, i request whenever u update new one’s, please send them on my e-mail. Thanks.

  14. I am trying to find one type of particular flower background that is only available in windows vista. I currently have a MacBook Pro and that particular background is only available in windows vista. Any suggestions?

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