McDonalds wants you to make up your own mind

McDonalds Australia has just launched a new marketing campaign called “Make up your own mind” on TV. Apparently, McDonalds wants to make up your own mind about the quality of their food products and employment values without the influence from friends, advocacy groups or even corporations. Ironic.

Also, how beneficial is it to take up a few cynical gossips so seriously? I didn’t consider less than half of those ‘rumours’ seriously, but if McDonalds is willing to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a marketing campaign to combat it, then it becomes something else.

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  1. the main reason why they put this site together is because of a book called Fast Food Nation. The author has now also made a film about the same subject. The interesting thing about the film is that it’s not a docu but a fictional story based on realworld facts (I know this sounds weird). The other interesting things is that Bruce Willis and other well know personallities signed on as actors.

    The reason why MCDonalds is panicing is because different to say the film Super Size Me, Eric Schlosser the authors, doesn’t attac McDonalds directly. As a matter of fact he a journalist and doesn’t attac anyone in particular. Using investigative journalism he simply points out what’s not so great about the fast food industry and mast produced processed food that go with it.

    Anyone with a brain will take their own conclusions and they will not be benificial to McDonalds.

    The healthy food choices McDonalds released where a direct result of the Super Size Me docu.

    The fact they are reactive to the new threat by Fast Food Nation meens to me there must be some truth in what the author has to say.

  2. I bought a Double Whooper at BK two times in a short period of time, in different cities, and both were disgusting as nothing else. And both times I got some hard chunk of a bone leftover or something.. >_

  3. Bah.. WP cut out the rest of the comment.

    All in all, junk food sucks. Better get some fresh croissant with ham and cheese or something. 😀

  4. Of course you put fresh, lean beef in your burgers */sarcasm*

    McDonalds is really that desprate? 0_o Just eat at Subway, it is better! 😛

  5. Well as we all know McDonalds would not make as good a profit if the food was real. Their foods are all processed and nothing is really 100% genuine. I mean buy fresh chicken breasts from your supermarket and taste them when cooked. Now buy the nuggets as if its real chicken let alone all their food sausages, pankakes, beef and hash browns.

    Just like the social responsibility they go about doing helping the sick ect all just to create a positive public image so they can make more money.

    Its always about increasing profits for the share holders and doing it at any costs. McDonalds has enough money to bribe lie cheat and steal. Not to mention hide damages they are causing to international crops for the so called fresh food.

  6. Great to see posts popping up all over the place regarding this issue.

    I’ve put a few posts up myself at and

    I work in Health and these commercials along with the companies disgust me. I can only hope that those in Health able to make decisions and be pro-active to change can help facilitate a new approach to educating people.

    The companies are masters at manipulation and I think the day will come when health agencies will need to change their approach to how they educate and make people aware.

    We need to encourage people to actively campaign fast food manufacturers to change how they produce their products and find alternatives to trans fat and hydrogenised foods.

    Given the release yesterday of the actual cost of obesity in Australia, I think Government will be compelled to invest more money in developing campaigns using different methods of delivery (technology, ad campaigns, etc) to ensure we get the message out to as many as we can.

  7. im sorry but have you all forgotten one of the key factors to living in a country like Australia or America?? FREEDOM!! freedom of speech, freedom of in-humane punishment, freedom of third world country diseases and freedom to decide what it is you eat. if you dont like mcdonalds or disagree with the companies values then guess what…?? GO SOMEWHERE ELES TO EAT. Grow up for gods sake. stop worrying about what other people are eating and what its doing to them. They – like you – have a CHOICE!. And don’t be so naive to think that a main coarse at any sit down restaurant has less fat than a Mc Value Meal. Your average steak and chips would far out weigh a Big Mac Meal on fat value. and then add the few cokes or acholic beverages you have along with it. the simple fact is that McDonalds provides AFFORDABLE food to your average family, no worst for you than the restaurant down the road that is just to exspensive to take the whole family to.
    And last but not least, if there was no demand for it, they wouldn’t be the MOST successful food company on the planet. Wake up and smell the roses, Maccas is here to stay.
    p.s. i think mcdonalds taste horrible, and i never eat it, but that doesn’t mean other people don’t value McDonalds existence.

  8. Yes the demand for maccas is due to the addictive nature of the food. As for other resturants and foods concern dont know where you get your false facts. I agree that you can get heavy foods but also healthy ones.

    People have been brainwashed by the commercials since they were kids they use media to suck in the weak. Thats why they affer so much for children ect.

    So its not their choice they have been brainwshed.

  9. I agree with Arnold its true I have learned of these media tricks to brainwash kids when their young so they have life time consumers out of them. Maccas and coke both do this on a massive scale and should be eliminated.

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