Microsoft updates websites favicon, wows millions

Before you start, it’s a slow news day OK?

Microsoft new website favicon

Spotted today, it seems as Microsoft has updated their website in the most subtle ways possible, by adding a new favicon. A favicon is an icon file which is used to identify a website in the browser by displaying a 16 pixel squared image shown next to bookmarks, the address bar and tabs.

Microsoft logo comparisons

The new favicon portrays the letter “M” negatively imposed on a blue background, thought to be similar to the blue color from the website header. However as my good friend Aaron Parker pointed out, a favicon is only limited to 256 colors and therefore cannot accurate reproduce the correct blue color. It is unknown why Microsoft did not generate a full color icon instead of the 256 colors icon which cannot accurately recreate the blue used on the rest of the website.

Sadly, Microsoft did not make available a press release highlighting the benefits of the new favicon and how it reduces internet tension. Also, Microsoft did not issue an response to my inquiries as I did not bother to contact them.

In other news, Microsoft has also closed the public beta of the new Microsoft home page beta.

Q: I was able to access the preview site in the last month. Why am I no longer able to access the site?
A: The preview site was originally open for all users. During the current phase of testing, we are only allowing randomly selected users to view the page.

They must be hiding some really elite AJAX scripting to make it so discreet. I guess we’ll all know in early November when it launches.

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  1. It seems slow on other sites as well, at least Long has origional content today (thats why i keep coming back). Other sites are hosting parties or putting up banners for “Review! Coming Soon”.

    Comon, when was the last time you saw a review site advertise their working on content 😉

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  3. In other news, the blog’s favicon has been updated. It wows only a few thousand people.


  4. I’m not too sure but I think “a” favicon is not limited to 256 colors, “the” MS favicon is limited to 256-colors. Because I got the Vista logo icon in all 3 sizes and color depths (XP alpha channel transparency too!) from some MS site a few days back.

  5. A favicon needs to be 256 colours, otherwise it won’t be displayed in Internet Explorer.

  6. Hey you’re right. Guess my friend Aaron was wrong too. Don’t know why Microsoft didn’t do true colour then.

  7. I was gonna say, I’ve been using the Vista ‘flag’ logo as the favicon on my personal server, and it’s the normal multi-resolution icon, with alpha channel and such, but the webbrowser either automatically uses the 16×16, or sises it down, and displays it. I’d show you, but my server is offline at the moment. 😀

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