Everytime you digg, god kills a server

No, terrorists did not take my blog hostage. What some of you have been experiencing in the last 12 hours can be explained with this simple graph:

Dugg trend

The blue line also indicates the number of times the server died. Only kidding.

Clarification: I think some of you got the wrong idea, so I’ll clarify.

Annandale Nordic

I am making light of the whole situation. The person to blame is me for having not set up a mirror beforehand. Obviously what happened as Oscar (my host) explained, my blog was causing the server to continuously crash so he removed the config for my domain, subsequently causing it to be redirected to the next website in the config, Jengajam. Obviously it was an abrupt change without notification to the users, so most people were confused, nevertheless, I don’t mind it. Jengajam is a fun site, a site which I helped design way too long ago.

So in conclusion, don’t blame my host. It was either having a dead server, or having this blog turned off temporarily. And you can see which was the obvious choice. The guys at Annandale Nordic (company representing) are great. They literally sponsor me with unlimited bandwidth, so I’m extremely grateful. What they’ve done might have been abrupt, but it was in good intention. I support their decision and as well as Jengajam.

20 insightful thoughts

  1. It was not redirected – I merely out-commented Long’s website from the config, and it automagically jumps to the next one in line, being JJ in this case. Simple as that.

  2. Extremely dodgy for a web host – even to leave it like that when they realised which site it was going to. It makes you question their intentions when adding:

    Deny from all

    Would have been more effective.

  3. You silly goofs. Oscar is entitled to do whatever he wants. Long has only killed this server with his diggs a few times 😉

  4. Glad to see you back on line, and yeah, not very ethical from your host to allow it to be redirected like that.

  5. I don’t mind. Killing the server is my specialty, and being down for 12 hours doesn’t really mean anything.

  6. Long gets free hosting, he’s brougth the server down before and has been asked to post smaller videos or preferably use a mirror.
    Jengajam pays for the server so we prefer keeping it online.

  7. Perhaps Dagur’s comment should be added to the entry, to help clear up the host’s position.

  8. Does any one know how digg does those google ads so they are just one large one at the top?
    Jump on to any digg article to see what i mean (cant post links yet)

  9. This theme is outstanding. I can get a Vista feel with my faithful XP Operating System. While “Silver” was really cool, “Noir” just kicks plain ol’, unadulterated ass!!! THANX!

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