Vista: 17 reasons to ‘acquire’ it

Inspired by Mary Jo Foley. If you’re confused about whether or not to ‘get’ Windows Vista once it is released, then here are 17 firm arguments for you to ‘find’ Vista and install it as soon as possible.

  1. Add fonts dialog in VistaFonts dialog – Your favourite dialog box from Windows 3.1 has been carefully preserved down to the last pixel. You’ll never feel too lonely knowing you’re sitting along with many of your 15 year old legacy friends.
  2. Removal of “My” prefix for document folders – Your documents, pictures and music are now public domain.
  3. TPS Report with Flip 3DFlip 3D – See how your TPS reports look from a different angle. (This is clearly the pivotal feature easily gaining extremely rapid business adoption worldwide.)
  4. ReadyBoost – Putting your too many freebie USB drives to good use.
  5. Transactional NTFS – A power failure will not corrupt your bittorent downloads.
  6. BitLocker – Prevent unauthorized viewing of your YouTube videos if your laptop is ever stolen.
  7. Priority I/O – You can defragment, download from bittorent, watch Lost, run Norton anti-performance 2007, process some SQL queries all at the same time.
  8. SideShow – Turn your $3000 laptop into a bling-bling boombox.
  9. Improved networking stack – Out-ping all your XP n00b friends. Frag & pwn harder in CS.
  10. Dear auntSpeech recognition – Write letters to your aunt about criminals without touching the keyboard.
  11. DirectX 10 – Crysis, nuff said.
  12. DRM – You can’t listen to downloaded MP3s anymore. Only kidding.
  13. Parental controls – Restrict your parent’s usage on the computer.
  14. User Account Control – Makes you feel like you’re in control of the computer.
  15. Weather gadgetSidebar – Check the weather without looking out the window.
  16. Search – Allows you to find things on your computer, if you ever happen to lose them.
  17. Aero – It’s translucent. What more do you want.

11 insightful thoughts

  1. “Speech recognition – Write letters to your aunt about criminals without touching the keyboard.”


  2. Still nothings started, i hav vista, but Dhiraagu is not giving us a driver for windows Vista..
    Damn Ppl..
    well anyway i didnt start using it yet…….:)

    i am only 12 years old, So you are laughing at me, but what will you say when i say that i am 25 while you are 40 years old???

  3. i forgot, i mean nothing like cracking user pwds hav started, cuz it hasnt been long enough till after its release, wait till the end of 2008, I think MiCRoSoFt will start eating its wordsa fot dinner, anyway i hav a question:
    Parental controls – Restrict your parent’s usage on the computer. πŸ™‚

    Dat is a really gud idea, my MoM and DaD are using the comp too much..

    i am only 12 years old, So you are laughing at me, but what will you say when i say that i am 25 while you are 40 years old??? and who will be laughing.

  4. So with other words windows does now about 10% of what linux already has πŸ™‚

    Using windows you waste a lot of time… I checked it over a year writing down the times I had to fix sth or dive in the details how to remove another spyware program (Yes, I’m using my computer a lot). It came up to

    !!!!! 30 days per year just wasted because of Microsoft’s incompetence !!!!

    I did the switch and what a change… Yes, it takes longer to learn sth new but by now (half a year) linux (ubuntu) has never crashed or lost important data.

    You SAY windows vista is worth a while ? I say

    -> It spends more time spinning the harddisk than do anything useful
    (Poor implementation of the paging-algorithms, poor page-prediction)

    -> Memory management has NOT changed at all -> Leads to software beeing
    inconsiderable slow ESP. the longer the computer is not beeing rebooted

    -> Insecure Filesystem in terms of loosing data. The claim that ntfs is anything
    close to a journaling filesystem is Microsoft-usual just a playing with terms,
    to make people believe. Search the web for ReiserFS or XFS and compare yourself
    Effect: You might loose part of your data again during a crash
    Other Effect: Windows makes accessing harddisks unnecessary slow (fact!)

    -> One malicious program can pull down your whole PC (no elaboration needed, we all
    had that one :). This is because Microsoft STILL (15 years later) has not
    implemented the features of the Intel(or AMD) x86 processors. Imagine … more than
    15 years later they still havent made it – sounds almost like a joke,
    but its a fact (For those who are interested in details read about “protected mode”
    of the processor)
    Effect for the User : The more software is beeing installed, the higher the chance
    that nothing works at the end (sounds familiar eh ?)

    -> The provided tcp-implementation is rather poor. This throws up two very concrete
    effects : Insufficient protection (malware, trojians, exploits) AND a quite
    instable network-capability. This is actually not that obvious when turning on,
    but if one does the effort to check the ip-response times on a windows server
    thats running for a few days with lets say a Webserver -> its a fact ! Handles
    dont get released, it just gets slooow and here we go again πŸ™‚ REBOOT !
    Effect for the User : Wether installs another application (e.g. norton firewall
    or so ) on his computer and runs automatically in the above mentioned problems,
    or doesnt do anything and will suffer from a very tempramental computer esp. when
    connected to the firewall.

    Well so much about the hard-facts.


    Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista…. nothing concerning the functionality of the OS has ever changed !!!

    Use the time of change NOT to go from XP to Vista, Delete Windows!!!! Download Ubuntu Linux (all for free) and start a new life with more time spend in the applications you really want to use, not fixing the Operating System all the time !

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