Windows Vista installation screencast

Has all the Release-To-Manufacturing news left you urging to install Windows Vista? Studies conducted by the Hanso Foundation show these kinds of urges are normal and you can do all sorts of things to satisfy these urges. But the best way, as recommended by Long Zheng; a mysterious but recognized professional, is to watch this screencast showing you exactly how Vista installs in under 3 minutes.

Note: This video has been edited for your enjoyment (if that is in any way possible). This does not accurately reflect Vista’s installation time. If you think otherwise, please seek immediate medical attention.

Windows Vista installation screencast
Click image to view video (H.264, 2:53min)

View the alternative Soapbox Flash version if you don’t mind blurriness.

15 insightful thoughts

  1. hm.. they could have made it like windows xp.. ugly blue bars (in this case green) and a simple 256-color picture

  2. Nice thanks for the video, nice reference to Lost btw ;).

    @everyone with the whole bootscreen thing: Do you not understand having a fancy high resoultion bootscreen will INCREASE boot time? I’d rather have a simple 256 colour bootscreen (I’d even accpet less than that) and a very quick boot up.

  3. People have being fighting over a boot screen, hahahaha, man these people you see, you should see there open mouths, when they saw the old boot screen, hahahahahahah.

  4. What kind of installation times have you been seeing? On staged builds I’ve never had an install take longer than 15 minutes on modern hardware, and 20 minutes on less-than-desirable systems… I’ll install Vista anyday before XP!

  5. Around 20 minutes from emulated ISO images. Most of the time is spent post-install, where everything is being setup and configured.

  6. Lol at agreeing to the license when you haven’t ‘read’ it. Well 98% of users will do that anyway…

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