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Blogging is hard workBlogging is hard work. Trying to get scoops is hard enough. Trying to get scoops whilst everyone else is asleep is even harder. Living on the other side of the world has its perks, but it’s a real PITA for any news technology-related.

As any returning visitor to this blog would know, I don’t link to a bunch of press releases, or even worse, link to other blog posts linking to press releases. I always try to get exclusive contents where possible.

It certainly doesn’t help when I live with a completely opposite timezone. People can even have difficulties contacting others in the same city or country. Imagine that problem magnified over 8000km of ocean. To demonstrate, my email conversations usually goes something like this:

(I learn about a gossip or rumor)
Long: Hey. Do you know about this cool thing? (I sleep)
Other: Sure do. (Other sleeps)
Long: (I wake up) Can you tell me about feature X? (I sleep)
Other: (Other wakes up) Feature X is like t3h bomb! (Other sleeps)
Long: (I wake up) What about some pictures? (I sleep)
Other: (Other wakes up) Here you go.

It would take me about 3 days to get potentially the same amount of information someone else could get during a 15 minute instant messaging conversation. In a world where information has to be timely, you can see how the novelty wears off pretty easily.

And don’t even get me started on shipping. If you live in the States, shipping media or review products is almost as convenient as ordering pizza. Whereas for me, I’d have to pray for the wind to blow in the right direction.

I’d like to applaud all the other Aussie bloggers who suffer from the same timezone consequences. I must admit, I’m fortunate enough for anyone to even read my blog considering the circumstances. I only wish I can do more.

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  1. Well Long Zheng, we europeans have a bit of an advantage on this 🙂
    1/3 of our day we can actually reach the US of A and another 1/3 we can reach up to china !

    Ooh the great 0 time zone 😉

  2. You need to start coming online in the morning, Long.

    When it’s 9am in Melbourne, it’s 2pm in Seattle.

  3. I congratulate you, but still – at least you’re not in RURAL Victoria where I can’t even get a half decent internet connection! I gave up on the whole blogging thing when I realised I was already running out of hours in the day.

    Great to see Aussies doing this sought of thing with the amount of success you’ve had!

  4. Hey I understand what you are saying, still I congratulate you because yours is one of the most interesting blogs around, I read it and keep coming back for more all the time, keep up the good work.

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