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  1. Did you use the Segoe font? In the picture there seems to be a compressed/narrow version of Segoe; is that font included in Vista RTM?

  2. Chad is right! MAC SUCKS!
    @ Cavit: Segeo is the most widly know Vista font, it does look like Seoge, and ever since I can remember Seoge is the classic Vista/Longhorn font

  3. Whoa! I never said Mac sucks, i’m actually on one at my school computer lab right now. I think they are good machines. But, i think a Windows based PC is a GREAT machine; after it has been updated and customized and tweaked to my satisfaction.

  4. “Wear this”
    “So you don’t get pushed under a bus”

    LOL….2x LOL

    Long, you are freakin’ hilarious…I just now read that. You’re a genetic mutation combining tech-nerdness with actual likeability.


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