Maybe if we cause enough chaos, we can talk about world peace

Common sense just seems to escape some people. Protesters at the G20 Summit in Melbourne loses it.

From The Age article,

Mr Rae, said he was trying to push a barrier forward toward the lines of police blocking Collins Street, when one officer lent over the barricade and hit him on the head with his baton. “He took a full swing at me as hard as he could… I wasn’t expecting it. The cops seemed to be pretty aggressive from the start. I wasn’t really doing much, just pushing the barricades which was pretty harmless I thought,” he said.

Just pushing some barricades, smashing some cars. Usual stuff. Harmless.

One of the protesters described the police action as “provocative”.

And, a riot isn’t?

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  1. It is obvious from the way the protestors were dressed, deliberately concealing their identity with face masks and brandishing weapons that their only intention was one of violence from the start. It’s a pitty that these peoples noise has drowned out ligitimate protest voices.

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