Sony hands out free batteries

Toshiba replacement battery

As part of Toshiba’s voluntary Sony battery replacement program, most notebook models in the Toshiba range are eligible for a free primary battery pack. Of course, Toshiba recommends you to return your older battery, but why should you when Sony has confirmed Toshiba’s batteries are not affected by the recall issue with Dell and Apple laptops?

These batteries are worth US$100 and provides over 3 hours of juice, well worth the price of $0.

Sony seems to be screwing a large part of its core business, with faults occurring in the Playstation 3 as well. The only thing left they’re really good at is televisions and television advertisements.

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  1. I thought about applying for a new one, but the Toshiba battery replacement offer wasn’t going on here in the UK (for shame), besides I’ve already got 3 batteries for me M4 (first one came with my first M4, second one I got after complaining about poor customer service, third one I got with my brand new replacement M4)

    “3 hours of juice”, only if you run in Low Power mode (no backlight, mute, 700Mhz CPU, PowerMizer GPU settings), it’s only good for word processing. Each battery *really* gives you 2 hours “real world” usage tops, and 45 minutes of Half-Life 2 Deathmatch on full power.

  2. Hey Long, where is the link to the Australian form? Ive got a battery than can be replaced 🙂 But i read the form and they dont ship outise the US :S

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