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Nokia & Flickr

I saw this advertisement for Nokia mobile phones on TV and I thought to myself, “did I just see Flickr on TV”? Guess what. It came around for a second commercial break, and I captured it to prove it.

No doubt Nokia is leading the way by integrating Web 2.0 services in its phones, but I think this advertisement shows off just how much Nokia is committed to Web 2.0. This ad is all about creating content, sharing content, content mash-ups and vertical markets. How cool is that? He’s even sharing music. SHARING MUSIC! Take that Zune and RIAA!

I did some digging around and found the actual Flickr profile used in the advertisement. It belongs to a person called Pille Hikinen. However the woman painting picture doesn’t exist in his gallery, probably removed immediately after the commercial was shot. But having a real Flickr user just shows how ‘real’ this is.

Oh, and did I mention, the Nokia N91 has 8 gigabytes of storage? That’s just as much as an iPod nano!

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  1. saw that ad too and was quite impressed. the ad really does aim at the technical savvy user though. impressive shots, do you have a digital tv tuner?

  2. So Long, when are you offering these in a competition….with decals along side of course? 😉

    Its not surprise to see the Nokia browser handling “Web 2.0”, their browser is Opera based.
    While minimo would be cool, it simply isn’t as mature as Opera’s product. I guess that’s why companies like Nintendo are using it in their Wii and DS?

  3. I don’t know what’s so special about that, since Sony Ericsson is integrating blog services and other Web 2.0 stuff [RSS feeds, …] into its phones for a while, also sharing music files with others through bluetooth or other connections is no problem.

  4. @GRiNSER: Integrating web services is one part of it, but showcasing a web service like Flickr on a mass-medium is another thing.

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