They came for Windows Vista

They came for Windows Vista

I’m a bit slow to this one, but launched recently was “They came for Windows Vista“, an episodic cartoon for Microsoft partners about the release of Windows Vista. The story surrounds Tom and his “crack team” of sales people discovering about the various ways to sell Windows Vista to a group of Microsoft-centric aliens.

The animations are beautifully crafted with glossy and cute characters, with great detail in each person, product and setting. The storyline is humorous full of subtle jokes here and there. The message is simple, if not, already well communicated through other media. However still fun to watch and provides a (far from) real life example of how hardware and software for Windows Vista will be sold from now to January.

It is also the first animation I’ve seen that has been translated and dubbed to 5 different languages. Good job to the team!

They came for Windows Vista characters

So far, only two episodes (episode one, episode two) has been released. But with a simple hack by changing the URL, the unreleased third episode is also viewable, which talks about holiday sales and express upgrades.

I think this is a fun and enjoyable way of brainwashing communicating otherwise boring information. It’d be interesting to see if this trend catches on with other products, markets and companies.

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  1. Yet another site that insists I don’t have Flash Player 8 installed, so I’ll just comment on the pictures you’ve posted…

    I’m not a fan of this “glossy” style, it’s too cheesy!

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