Vanishing Point @ Bellagio

Vanishing Point Game @ Bellagio Fountains
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vanishingpoint.comSome of you may have been following The Vanishing Point alternative-reality-game that was originally revealed on the Internet Explorer MSDN Team blog on Saturday the 23rd of December. If you’ve been living under an inflatable rock (like myself), then the community at Neowin has an extremely resourceful forum topic that will help you catch up on all the solved mysteries and mysteries yet to solve.

If one thing’s for certain, then The Vanishing Point is a viral marketing campaign created by 42Entertainment, the same people who were behind the hugely successful “ilovebees” viral campaign for the launch of Halo 2. This time however, the puzzles are a lot harder and no one knows what the viral campaign is for.

Several clues and wild guesses based on successful attempts at solving puzzles included:

  • Antepenultimate – “high-end laptops, gaming computers, media centers, software, gaming consoles, media players, and games”. Somewhat too obvious for an ARG.
  • Zenith – “Fewer than a thousand people have ever been there to see the ultimate vista.” Some people suggested a trip to space, but space travel has been merely limited to fewer than a hundred people. But ‘ultimate vista’ suggests a sightseeing and travel prize.

And if you watch the YouTube video (original video removed, reuploaded to this link), assuming everything has been crafted to the last strand of hair on her head, she promises to “make someone famous around the world”.

“We’ve started, and there’s no turning back.” Everything will be revealed at Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas on Monday January 8th at 6:30pm. “I promise you, it will be timeless.” I’ll be there.

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  1. I’m definitely going to try to be there. We are going to be working at the show so it may be tough to make it on time, but I’ll give it a shot. Long, hold up a big sign so I can find you and meet you.

  2. Enjoy yourself at the Bellagio. It’s my favourite hotel in Vegas. I’m sure you are going to have such an great time in Vegas. Don’t forget to bring me something from CES *shameless plug*

    Cheers mate,

  3. I’m thinking either a trip to space (doubtful), or a trip to see the Aurora Borealis (more likely). And I’m betting that since the last timer on the Circumambulation page expires before the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras go live on January 30th, that it’s a pretty interesting way to launch it/them.

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