Off the grid till CES

Days away from attending the biggest electronics show, I’m being stripped from one of the most basic of technologies, internet access. Due to family reasons, I’m moving to Hastings, a rural town 50km away from where I live at the moment and almost 100km away from the Melbourne international airport. It also happens to be Christmas, when everyone has an excuse not to work. The only internet option is ADSL, which optimistically speaking, can only be connected in weeks.

That means I’m going to be stuck with local library internet access. You’re limited to 1 hour a day and only Internet Explorer 6. Oh it’s going to be an agonizing week until CES.

Speaking about CES, if you would like to meet up, please send me an email (which might hopefully be read). But otherwise, I’m going to be at the Microsoft Vista Lab, Bloghaus and the Microsoft viral campaigns. Spot the asian guy!

Happy holidays and happy new year! Thank you for reading and supporting me this year. 🙂

Update: I’ve found myself an unsecured WiFi access point. Together with a free VPN solution called Hotspot Shield from Anchorfree, I’m going to be using this until ADSL gets connected. It’s not so bad after all.

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  1. Hastings is a big step, I made the move from Mulgrave to Frankston about 9 years ago. Not such a bad place when you get use to it.

  2. I sympathize with your internet predicament, Long. If there’s any chance that you spot this comment in your precious hour a day of internet, I’d like to invite you to the bloggers-only party being hosted by the Blog Business Summit team on January 9th.

    There’s more info about the party on the “blogger party” page.

    If you’re interested in going, just send an e-mail to Teresa (her address is with this post) and we’ll make sure you’re on the list.

  3. I will be at CES after Wed.. If you would like to meet I would like to pick your brain about blogging. I am new to this and any ideas you have would be helpful. In fact, let me make the offer of a free lunch! Can’t beat that with a stick!

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