Vanishing Point revealed – the space trip

The smoke has finally cleared from Vanishing Point, 7 hours before the Bellagio Fountain show in Las Vegas. Some mysteries unraveled, but more mysteries to solve. This is what we know, with special thanks to the Neowin guys.

Vanishing Point

  • Today is not the end of Vanishing Point.
  • Prizes include:
    • A space trip (weightless for 3 to 4 minutes).
    • 15 sets of computers, devices and games.
    • 75 individual devices.
    • 150 software packs.
    • 250 game packs.
  • To win, you will need to solve weekly puzzles.
  • This is a global challenge, puzzles will be located around the world.
  • This is a random sweepstake.

Let it begin tonight.

6 insightful thoughts

  1. I can hardly believe that I figured out what the prize was.

    Also, this is not an entirely random sweepstakes. Points are awarded for completing puzzles and referring people, and each point is an entry into the sweepstakes (up to 1500).

    Also, there is an instant win “meta puzzle”, where the first one to solve the puzzle gets their name laser inscribed on a new series of AMD processor.

  2. I hate Argentina isn’t part of ‘the globe’.
    This is a game for people with lots of money to travel around the world, ah?

  3. Interesting, but to much expensive. This is Microsoft idea , right?
    Who is the target of this game? Has i said it´s to expensive for the average guy, but still a good idea. The instant win that Rob Stevens mentioned is simply great.

  4. I don’t think its necessary to travel all over the world. I guess its just traveling via

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