CES: Live for Windows (Games)

Live for Windows

Note: Live for Windows is a CES codename which may or may not be the final marketing name for the XBOX Live service on Windows. Rumors the web-services team won the name from a late-night game of poker with the games team.

Inside the Microsoft Partners Pavilion, Edward Un who is the Lead Program Manager overlooking the development of Live for Windows at the Beijing Advanced Technology Center for Microsoft Research, explained to the group of community leads including myself this morning more about the technology. I noted as much as I could, and here is as much as I can read from my own handwriting.

  • Possible Aiming for Spring 2007 launch. Stage-by-stage release – first release may not include all the features mentioned below.
  • A pre-beta build of Halo 2 on Windows Vista was demoed. Rumored to have cross-platform play which I did not see.
  • Live for Windows framework are initially built into individual games. May eventually be built into the OS.
    • Does not significantly affect the size of games.
  • Features/services from Live ported includes:
    • Guide
    • Gamer card/profile
    • Community
    • Friends
    • Live Arcade
  • Works with XBOX controller on the PC.
  • Voice chat and webcam will be supported in the future.
  • Working towards out-of-game experiences (non-gaming services).

Brandon LeBlanc also briefly talks about this technology. Expect more news around March or April 2007.

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  1. Nice idea, but “booooo” to the name. Comsumer confunision ensues as they try to seperate Windows Live from Live for Windows…

  2. @anonymus: now that was funny, can u please open the treasure of jokes again for us when u realised this is a freaking code name?


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