CES: Reclusa – Microsoft gaming keyboard

Absolutely no one gave any loving to Microsoft Reclusa at CES today, not even Bill Gates who seemed to have covered everything from A to Z. Reclusa is the name of a Microsoft-branded gaming keyboard manufactured by Razer which was I uncovered the trademark from over 4 months ago.

Here is a photo of Reclusa from the Windows Vista Partners booklet.


Reclusa merges best-of-breed features from two hardware leaders – Microsoft and Razer. The keyboard integrates Razer Hyperesponsive&#153 Gaming Key Action for virtually no latency, on-the-fly Profile Management for creating and storing macros, blue LED backlighting for use in low-light conditions, and a removable wrist rest for added comfort.

The press fact sheet highlights a few extra details about Reclusa. Here’s a summary.

  • Uses 2 (two) USB ports to reduce latency.
  • Supports Windows XP and Vista (and Windows 2000).
  • 4 (four) programmable bumper buttons on side of the keyboard.
  • 6 (six) programmable gaming Hot Keys.
  • 2 (two) 360 degrees jog-dials for volume, movement and more.
  • Spring 2007. Estimated US$69.95

There’s no further information on this on Microsoft Hardware or Razer’s websites. Did everyone forget about this?

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