CES: Vanishing Point camp (update 2.5)

Special shout outs (very quietly) to Steve Sinchak for reminding me numerous times to continuing write this post after I keep getting distracted by Ryan Hoffman eating. Steven Bink wants a link otherwise he was going to drag me out of BlogHaus.

There were five of us and one of them. We are still wimps.

Vanishing Point is (tower) powered, at least.

Loki’s camera crew, or Loki herself with a gender change? Possibilities. I hope that’s not the ‘ultimate vista’.

Vanishing Point was also hinted at through the CES keynote by Bill Gates. Some people like Mauricio Freitas picked it up, but most attendees would not have. Natural selection at its finest.

Here is a (painful-to-type) transcript for those who don’t have microscopes.

Fountain Show Planning

As audience of general spectators and key players arrive at the Bellagio Hotel on Monday night around 6pm and wait alongside the street in anticipation of something unspecified. The general public will not be aware of anything unusual is about to take place, but the community will have deciphered the countdown and the precise time and viewing location for this spectacular event. The famous Bellagio foundatins Cafe Bellagio, world-renowned as the visual icon of Las Vegas are about to reveal the global challenge and deliver the first set of visual clues, in a way no one has ever seen before. Of course, there is still one big surprise they won’t see coming. Countdown hits zero at exactly 6:30pm. I look left to right scanning the audience.

Lights and music turn off (fountains stay on). All we hear is the beating of a clock. Two more water curtains turn on to the left and right side of the original curtain. As these curtains rise, they fill with multiple clocks, and the sound of the original clock multiplies by hundreds revealing…(See full production notes).

I don’t think this is the end of Vanishing Point. Stay tuned, for at least 20 more hours.

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  1. I think MS is gonna take a satellite pic of that site while the fountains make a vista logo/sign. Every geek over there is made to look up and so their pic is taken from satellite. Yeah solved. πŸ™‚

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