DreamScene, Deskscapes & Ultimate Extras

The wraps are off on Windows DreamScene, the Windows Vista Ultimate Extra also known as codename Motion Desktop as reported by AeroXP. The effect is similar if not exactly what we imagined, but not everything is as reported. It is animated. It is not rendered. It is static. It uses (nearly) high-definition MPEG2 video files to render looped movies onto the desktop surface.

Some of these content comes from Stardock, whilst Microsoft is also working with the Discovery Channel to deliver more content for Dream Scenes. These additional content might be free, or might come at a cost from the provider. This opens an interesting market for high-quality nature videos.

The unveiling.

Desktop background control panel


Don’t really remember/know what this is.


Moving pictures of a motion desktop. I know, I didn’t believe it either.

Stardock however will be releasing the product we all hoped for, and that is, a 3D rendered desktop wallpaper solution called Deskscapes. It might even use some elements of the “Noisy operating system user interface” patent, which might enable the ability to communicate information through subtle changes in the user interface. Imagine a weather background wallpaper that reflects the time and weather in the area you are in.

Mitch Gatchalian who is the Senior Product Manager for Vista Ultimate also shared some other brief details about Ultimate Extras, Windows Hold ‘Em (formerly Texas Hold ‘Em) as well as digital publications.

What we already know.

Windows Hold ‘Em

Is that Oberon’s cards and felt I see?

Free geeky magazines. Yay.

Available at general availability, 31st of January 2007.

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  2. I-can’t-believe-it O_O
    This is amazing!
    My computer is going to commit suicide because she won’t render all those pretty things never u_u

  3. I’ve did that with my linux background 3 years ago. It was pointless then and its pointless now. That said, kudos MS for at least trying new things.

  4. This is a feature of BSPlayer too, which is a free player! Just switch video to desktop mode and voila. Plus, it is not limited to WMV and mpeg files.

  5. Linux has been doing far better than this for years, microsoft thinks playing a video file on your desktop is the best thing since sliced bread??? what a joke, vista is a waste of money.

  6. shadap stupid asshole. At least Microsoft hit on 3D desktop background before anyone else. What a fuckin loser u are. yeah thats it stay with ur dumb of mac os and enjoy ur 2d desktop… what a gay retard u are Jodey. ohhh what does ur OS has this little thing called DirectX 10… oh i figured it out… its a waste of money too to run the latest games too.

    what an ass.. computer gay users like u should be gunned down bro

  7. Wow man, a little harsh there pacino. Im not saying I dont like Vista ( I run Vista Home Premium for now) but he is right, you could do this with various programs in XP and also in linux for years now. I tend to run whatever operating system fits my need and for a time it was Linux. I tinkered and i had a 3d desktop and was playing 3d games as well. Granted not the latest stuff, but it held me over. He is right though, it has been done before, its not new, and i dont think I will pay the price of the upgrade key for just that…I would have to see what other things come in ultimate in order to see if the upgrade price is worth it. The one thing that is keeping me from going back to linux now is being able to use my xbox360 as a media center extender. I just have to see if i can use my old divx plugin for XP MCE in Vista.

  8. XP even had 3d desktop capabilities; “Sphere XP” anyone? Hey ryox82, if you don’t feel like paying the extra money now, just never get ultimate because it really is not that great. I had home premium and upgraded and The “Wow” didn’t hit me…

  9. There may be other ways to make you desktop a video, but all of these require more cpu and ram usage. Microsoft just perfected the idea.

  10. VLC also have the function to run video on background.. but im not sure how effective it is…

    i always find this site useful.. free direct link to dreamscene


    hope you can find it useful too

  11. I can see myself using Vista so I can keep up with the time. Its worth it, but supprized me that it was cheaper with the Home Edition, in comparison of the XP whem that came out, like 200 or more. I would save money on Vista. Unless I want the Primium Edition which I will. Or something like that. Looks all good, and strong with the DirectX 10 and perhaps as strong or stronger then XP stableness. That is all. I’m a Windows User, its my plug in drug.

  12. pacino is right. wtf u on bout. xp wont run the motion backgrounds better than vista, plus vista is high definition! so jodey stop livin in the past u fagget and get vista!

  13. ok spherexp sucks vista is just a cheap thief of everything else and i had ultimate and went back to xp pro so fast cause nothing worked right on the vista crap and o yea linux does everything better so stfu and i can play games on linux with directx using wine,crossover linux,or cedega either one works fine so hush up idits lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You guys that are arguing over ‘my OS is better than your OS’ need to go grow up!

    M$ WILL charge for extra Dreamscene content, they’ll include 5-10min dreamscene movies… eventually, ranging from fish to animals and all sorts of cool clips, to make your desktop pretty (so gay)
    So you lover boys that like nice features like animated desktops, wear a dress and be done with it

    You are all falling into M$ marketing crap, don’t PAY for dreamscene content, as it should really be free, but they’ll sell it to suckers like you, who like the bells and whistles and then ‘show off’ to your moron mates! Get a life people! Please.

    It doesn’t make your computer run faster, but it DOES run it slower (about 5-10% slower CPU speed)

    Vista is a ‘nice’ OS, but if you want pure speed, XP and Linux are the way to go… until they die out through lack of support in 2010… then Vista will reign supreme!

    Remember its only a computer and new OS will be coming out every 5 years… Enjoy yourselves! Peace out.

  15. “You are all falling into M$ marketing crap, don’t PAY for dreamscene content, as it should really be free, but they’ll sell it to suckers like you, who like the bells and whistles and then ‘show off’ to your moron mates! Get a life people! Please.”

    Except that Microsoft are NOT charging, its the a$$holes that steal other peoples work then add them to their own website that are charging. I know for a fact I have found at least 5 of my backgrounds that have been taken from my site (download free of charge) and are now appearing on other sites for as much as $5.00 each

    “It doesn’t make your computer run faster, but it DOES run it slower (about 5-10% slower CPU speed)”

    LOL With dual core the standard and quad core at a good price I really don’t think the small CPU allotment to run Dreamscene is even a debateable issue, unless your too poor to afford a new CPU and are instead using a cracked copy of Vista because you could’t afford the price as well

  16. Hey all… i just wanna say that yeah Dreamscene is technically pointless, but in a good way. Nothing wrong with having videos of your fave band/song playing for ya on your desktop (with optional disable audio)…. or having some thunderstom / rain loop for calming effect when trawling through paperwork, or better still writing! If you’re a gamer then you would appreciate the use of HD footage from games to be used as your desktop. Hell why not? its better than the crap pictures of a sepia dog they used to give us !? lol

    This feature may not be new, but its new to windows, and marks just one of many improvements i have so far found.

    I have finally made the leap to Vista Ultimate 64bit Software, as it now seems stable and all of my hardware is finally compatible thanks to driver updates. Love it so far too! Easy to use, and packed full of handy features that means i dont have to download 30 different programs just to burn a certain type of disc, or to help me make a quick movie for some saddo relative to wallow in sentimental images of yet another crap christmas…. basically they are trying to make things better, and while these may be small steps in the VAST world of computing advancement, at least this system now gives you something useful and im sure as time goes on it can only get better.

    My point being, try and appreciate what a program / OS DOES for you rather than always being so damn negative!

    Keep smiling peeps

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