Microsoft’s unreleased gaming keyboard, Reclusa

RazerJust a little over a month ago, Microsoft partnered with Razer, who creates high-end computer gaming devices, to create the first Microsoft-branded gaming-oriented mouse, the Microsoft Habu. Which I should point out, isn’t a half-bad high-performance peripheral to gamers. With every mouse, comes a keyboard.

Microsoft Hardware and Razer plan to announce another co-branded next-generation gaming product soon. Stay tuned and game on! (Press release 23/08/06)

That product would be a gaming keyboard called the Reclusa. No information has been released about the plans for a gaming keyboard or the Reclusa as of yet, but I presume information will be revealed before the holiday season.

This information comes from the Trademarks Office as well as Microsoft itself. On the 31st of July 2006, Microsoft filed for a trademark on the “Reclusa” name to be associated with computer keyboards. This was only 11 days after filing the application for the “Habu” name to be associated with computer mice for computer games.

Microsoft trademarks
Microsoft’s own list of trademarks confirms this.

Razer Tarantula

Currently, Razer only has one gaming keyboard product, the Tarantula. Apart from being a keyboard with pressable keys, it includes hardware-level game profiles support, keymapping, response-optimised keys, additional docking peripherals such as a light or webcam and many more. Besides taking and possibly enhancing all of those features, I can only assume some of the design and functionality for the Reclusa will be adapted from the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 Vista keyboard.

I don’t know from which exotic Pacific island Microsoft is pulling these names from, but at least they have no conflicting trademarks.

Update: I have good insider information that the Reclusa will be shipping early next year.

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  1. It seems like Reclusa might be in line with Tarantula. The Brown Recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) is a very dangerous spider.

  2. Excellent – can’t wait. i’m tired of my G15 already and have been looking at both the creative fatal1ty keyboard (which is just plain ugly to be honest) and are waiting to see how the Reclusa is going to look and feel like.

    lets hear some more news!!!

  3. Where the hell is this keyboard…?! Why is it still published around the net as the next big thing but hasn’t been released yet? I take it Microsoft is waiting till the market is yearning for something new before unleashing it and with the release of the HABU and Vista just recently I guess we wont see this for a few months yet… Just hurry up already as I want this keyboard along with my new pc… People only wait so long before they go buy the G15 instead…

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