Windows Vista packaging?

One of the surprises as Jenny Lam, the creative lead on the MSX design team, has said about the launch of Windows Vista is the packaging. As we draw closer to the launch, things are starting to get exciting once again.

Today, I went on a wild search at the Trademarks Office for anything cool Vista related. Most of the time, trademarks for approval are submitted long before actual product launches or announcements (just ask the Apple insiders), so the Trademarks Office is a great resource to finding hidden gems. I stumbled across this submission for a trademark by Microsoft, and I thought it was interesting at least.

Microsoft Vista packaging trademark

The application describes,

The mark consists of a configuration of a package for the goods comprising a generally rectangular shape with a rounded upper right corner when viewed from the front.

It is important to note that this application was filed in 5 May, 2006, so not exactly hot off the press. I’m also aware that Microsoft places many trademarks on many design items, so this could be one of those insignificant things that they’ve trademarked.

Having said that, I think this has more significance because it was only one of the few Vista icons registered. When compared with the “Windows box” icons that we’ve seen in Windows Vista for a while, it is almost identical, including the little tab on the side of the box to eject the DVD case.

Whether this is an overreaction or not, it can be quite certain that Microsoft will ship Windows Vista in a package other than the standard DVD case. The matter of the fact is, what will it look like? One more thing to make January a whole lot more exciting than it already is.

Update: Guess I was (mostly) right. The packaging has been officially released.

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  1. I’d say that is what it’ll be.

    However, it greatly pisses me off that the packaging (specifically box style) for a product can be trademarked and the fact that several other applications are already boxed like that (rounded corner on the top, same sort of style) and now they’re trademarking this packaging style as their own.

    (Of course an attorney hasn’t looked at it yet though)

  2. Yes I am convinced from firstly ever seeing that icon that it represents an accurate depiction of Vista’s packaging. It’s seen as the “Welcome Center” icon from recent builds (including RC1) and used as the DVD icon upon installation. Judging from the icon, it seems that the package will be a nice shaped plastic DVD case and the eject tab will reveal an insert featuring ‘eye candy’ screenshots and marketing lingo to lure the consumer into lusting and purchasing the Microsoft OS.

    Im hoping that the Microsoft PR team and marketing department will deliver Vista spectacularly. Well with no doubt they are anticipating the launch to be as significant as Win95 and are spending $$$$ so expect something!

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