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Melbourne, Australia — 3 October, 2006 — FOR IMMEDIATE DISBELIEF — Every day, a handful of loyal readers are hurt by counterfeit weblogs. Long Zheng is committed to protecting blog readers from counterfeit blogs providing inaccurate information. In an effort to reduce counterfeit blogs, the istartedsomething Genuine Advantage initiative has been created.

Ask for Genuine Long Zheng blogThe genuine istartedsomething blog is published by Long Zheng, properly licensed, and supported by Long Zheng.

By using the genuine istartedsomething blog, you can be confident that the content you are reading is legitimate and fully supported by Long Zheng. Learn more about how Long Zheng is working to protect blog readers against counterfeit and pirated blog content below.

The Effects of Blog Spam

Technorati reported that in 2006, an incredible sixty percent of blog pings worldwide was unsolicited spam. Additionally, many readers of blogs are not aware that their blog is not legitimate. Long Zheng works to protect readers and encourage a healthy blogging ecosystem through the istartedsomething Genuine Advantage Initiative.

Over the next few days, I will be rolling out a new feature on this blog help you verify the blog you are reading is the genuine istartedsomething blog. You will be required to activate your copy of the blog to continue reading this blog after 7 days. Genuine reader of the istartedsomething blog will be given access to exclusive content and information to minimize your productivity and maximize enjoyment.

Long Zheng does not value your privacy, and will collect any information, such as your name or email address, that can be used to identify you or contact you.

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  1. Wait, so you’ll collect our information to indentify and contact but you arent going to sell it? Think of the money, man! Sell sell sell!

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