Broken Windows

No, I’m not talking about the operating system.

A few minutes ago, our shop’s front windows were smashed by a mob of drunks. There goes a few thousand dollars. 🙁

Filed a police report at 2am. The police was actually following this group, trying to prevent something like this happening. But it happened anyway, and the police only managed to capture a few. They didn’t get the suspect who actually smashed the windows with a shopping trolley, and none of the captured would speak out.

Life is full of surprises. 😐

10 insightful thoughts

  1. This is a way of lord telling you to moveup to Vista :P.
    I didn’t know you had a shop, what shop is that ?

  2. While my parents and I lived above my grandparents’ store, this happened a few times. There were many windows and a lot of drunks downtown which sometimes maybe threw a bottle of beer at each other that accidentally winded up in a window.

    Anyway, hope everything will work out. You’re insured, yes?

  3. @Praveen: My parents have a noodle takeaway shop.

    Insurance is kind of sketchy. We’ve just moved in, so we don’t know if everything is effective yet.

  4. ZeroLogik, pretty much, they cruise around carrying there goon bags, and annoying the hell out of me while trying to sleep.

    Zheng, no need to worry, man. Everyone has pretty bad periods in there lives, and it always happens when they’re young, it’s like a second puberty 😛

    Things will pick up again, just keep it together, or join the mob of goon drinkers ^_^

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