Tribute to a Microsoft enthusiast: 1987-2007

Remembering Aaron Lucas 'Utakz'This week, Vista enthusiasts and the Microsoft blogging community lost one of its most insightful enthusiasts, Benjamin Aaron Lucas, or otherwise more popularly known as Utakz.

I must admit, we’ve had our differences, especially on the heated debate about the existence of Aero Diamond (which will have an end soon). But nevertheless, he had his fair share of scoops and inside information. If you wanted the latest screenshots of an Vista internal build or build just to be released, he had it, and he also had all the nitty gritty facts about what’s new since the last builds. No doubt he was someone who knew their stuff.

Today when I learned of his and his sibling’s tragic death, Josh proposed the idea of a website badge to show our tributes to him. So I decided to make this badge as my way of remembering his hard work and dedication. I must admit, I drew inspiration from Donavon countdown gadget.

If you would like to use this graphic too, then copy/paste the following HTML:

This is not a good week. Rest in peace.

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  1. Utakz and I also had our differences but he was a good guy. Long conversations on Vista during the release cycle.

    I wish his family the best and may he and brother and sister rest in peace.


  2. Oh god thats terrible news, i am shocked, to hear it.

    He was like one of the most active members regarding vista
    during the beta cycle.

    He will surely be missed. Sad Sad Sad.

  3. We had so many argument about different things, i can’t say it was a friends since we talking eachothers some times ago. Still i can’t believe to his death, and i must admit that for the first time since a really long time i almost started to cry. This is a tragic moment for his family. I don’t belive in god myself but if something truelly eist after the death, i hope you are in. I don’t remember who was right in our last argument, but i anyway wanted to told you I’m sorry. Already worte an article on my blog and added your nice graphic. Repose in peace Ben, as well as your brother and sister 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. I don’t have words. A great source and enthusiast has died. I have put the badge on my website and encourage you all to do the same.

    Rest in peace, wherever you are!

  5. This has to be certainly one of the most tragic and saddest happenings of this year and for sure one that will not be easily forgotten by technology and Windows enthusiasts, Who would have thought that he would not get to see his long awaited Vista launch, I’m just out of words, I can clearly express how saddened I feel.

    Ben you won’t be forgotten and I’m glad you got to know God, that’s the most important thing, he will have you close to him that very moment you wake up.

  6. It is a real tragedy. I have read this yesterday morning and was shocked. I have put the badge on my site.

    I used to go on his site a lot while the beta phase of Vista, it sounds so empty now when I read “Utakz”.

    Rest in peace Benjamin, you’ll be missed

  7. I am still shocked 🙁
    Cant believe he is gone 🙁 , Microsoft beta will never be the same without him. God bless him and his family

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