Bill Gates talks about Web 2.0

I might be a bit late to the scene on this one, since this has been out for nearly a month. Thanks to Steve Clayton for posting this.

When you think of people ‘in-the-know’ about Web 2.0, a few names roll off the top of your head like Michael Arrington, Chad Hurley, Om Malik and many more. But what about Bill Gates? Little did I know how much Bill has to say about the ‘Web 2.0’ movement as I found out during a panel discussion about Web 2.0 at the World Economic Forum titled “The Impact of Web 2.0 and Emerging Social Network Models”.

Here’s my own 7-minute highlight of Gates from the entire 56-minute session. He talks about Engadget, DRM (iTunes), buzzwords, advertising, IPTV and Second Life. Things he also talks about but aren’t included in this highlight includes the internet bubble and net neutrality.

If you like what you see, then I urge you to view the entire session in many formats including a vodcast. The panel includes Caterina from Flickr, Bill from Microsoft, Chad from YouTube, Mark from Nike, Viviane from EU Commission, Dennis from Forbes Magazine and Peter from Global Business Network.

Great speakers with great topics. Not to be missed by every Web 2.0 and technology enthusiast. Bill even makes a breakthrough suggestion that the world is actually in 3D. The man knows everything.

6 insightful thoughts

  1. lol I love it when he said “your the only one” to rebuying his music collection via iTunes.

    The faces in the crowd, lol.

    Bill Gates looked like a fool.

  2. I think the point Bill Gates was making is that most people just download music illegally instead of using iTunes.

    If you where to compare the two, not many people buy music off iTunes.

  3. Why was he a fool? I think he was saying exactly what’s happening, most people do NOT rebuild their music collection from legal download sources such as iTunes but illegally instead.

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