Thank you for submitting my resume

I got an interesting email today, “we have received your resume and contact information”. Great! I’ve always wanted to work at…hang on a second, I don’t even have a resume prepared.

Unless the future me has time-traveled to the present and submitted a resume for me, I’m pretty confident it wasn’t me, although I don’t really remember much of this week. So if any of you have recently submitted a resume on my behalf along with my contact details, please let me know. I promise I won’t cause any physical harm.

Whilst I appreciate anyone’s effort and concern for my career path, it might be in my best interest to know what I’m applying for and what experiences, education and interests “I” claim to have, before a recruiter starts to think I have amnesia or some form of psychological issue. πŸ˜›

I wonder if there is a such thing as “resume fraud”?

Update: It appears this is part of the employee referral program, but it still doesn’t explain how someone could get my resume if I’ve never created a resume.

Update 2: Confusion all cleared up. And just as I suspected, the information submitted probably wasn’t as accurate or as formal as I would have written otherwise if I knew it was for a recruiter. And yes, it was from Microsoft.

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  1. “I wonder if there is a such thing as β€œresume fraud”?”

    You never know!! πŸ˜‰

  2. What, you mean you _didn’t_ wan’t me to submit your resume for lead accountant at a major financial institution?


  3. @iBenshi: I believe I have a reasonable grasp of what is and what is not spam. This email looked totally legitimate. Besides, this cannot be a spam email because it doesn’t try to profit or make me do anything.

    It is just an acknowledgment email.

  4. To be fair long nor do some of the junk emails I get, some of them have no attachments and just a few words randomly selected from a dictionary.

    Did the email say anything else?
    Seems a little short for a reply?

  5. here is your resume Long. I got it from your site. short but still πŸ˜‰

    I am an 18 year old second-year Monash University student studying Business Commerce and Multimedia Systems double degree with a passion for technology. I am a part time graphics and web designer and Microsoft enthusiast.

  6. Hey Long Zheng,
    I submitted you in the Microsoft employee referral program for the college internship program. I put down the information you had in the about section of this website.

    I’ve seen your interest in Microsoft and I think that if you qualify and make it through the interview process it may be a great opportunity for you.

    If you’ve got any questions, send me an email.
    -Ian Ceicys

  7. Oh, that’s deffinetly spam…
    It’s an attempt to get a response so they know someone uses this email.. That way they can send MORE spam…

  8. *reads the preceding comments*….
    Oh, nevermind then!… heh… heh…*runs away*

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