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PhotoVista winnersIf Microsoft is ever in need of photography talents for wallpapers in future releases of Windows, they now have quite a list spanning from Kuwait to Singapore.

Microsoft Singapore recently ran a “PhotoVista” competition from last December to January to find unique photos vistas of Singapore to be used as wallpapers. It attracted over 2,200 entries in under 60 days within the two categories of amateur and youth photography for under-18s.

The rules of the event stated entrants must be a permanent resident of Singapore and their submissions must be a scenery of Singapore, which gives the competition more authenticity to reflect the artistic visions of Singaporeans and the beauty of the Singapore landscape. The 30 from winners (15 from each category) received prizes ranging from S$3000 (US$2000) computers to S$1500 (US$1000) software packs.

The winners were recently announced at the ITShow in Singapore from March 8 to 11th. They were hand-picked by a panel of independent photographers including Andy Wong, Ken Seet and Ming. A few of those winners were notably users on the popular amateur arts website, DeviantArt.

Here is my pick from the best of the best, links to the highest-resolution download of 1600×1200.

Goh Koon Peng
Photo by Goh Koon Peng
Lim See Khai
Photo by Lim See Khai
Photo by Henry
William Aung
Photo by William Aung
Tham Jun Quan
Photo by Tham Jun Quan
Yeo Hwai Teck
Photo by Yeo Hwai Teck
Justin Tan
Photo by Justin Tan
Lim Yu Jie
Photo by Lim Yu Jie
Sebastian Guek
Photo by Sebastian Guek

Find the rest of the winning photos at Microsoft Singapore’s wallpaper website. Justin Tan (photo bottom left) also blogged about his photo on display and award ceremony.

Microsoft should also be commended for respecting the work of amateurs by agreeing to a non-perpetual license, giving Microsoft only exclusive rights until December 2008.

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  1. I cannot believe this photo of the Singapore Merlion made it to the final 15!

    Look through the gap between it’s tail and body, and you can see where the photographer couldn’t be bothered or wasnt able to photoshop the image, like he obviously must have for the rest of the sky and scenery!


    I was brought up in Singapore from the age of 2 until 12, so these pics bring back fond memories! I would love to go back, but for now I am quite content with living in the UK, and paying £400 for my roadtax…. 🙁

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  3. nice pictures
    vista made some great improvements by providing more attractive pictures into the system
    i understand though that these pictures have not been implemented into vista yet

  4. Hmmm….did Microsoft not check to see if Photovista was actual a registered trademark.
    It is. – iseemedia Inc.

    © 2003 iseemedia Inc. All rights reserved. iseemedia software and Photovista® Panorama are trademarks or registered trademarks of iseemedia inc.

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