Steve Ballmer, Microsoft eccentric at Stanford

Steve BallmerOn March 15, Steve “Eccentric” Ballmer visited his former school of Stanford University Graduate School of Businesss to talk about Microsoft and his experiences as CEO. The hour-long discussion included topics such as competition, technology, growth, business presidents, management, innovation and pretty much everything else business-related. Sprinkled throughout the talk are in-jokes about Steve’s failure to complete second year – where he would have learned about everything he needed to know to become a better CEO, and he’s accomplishments at a maths competition – highlighting his mathematical talents.

Students of the GSB were also invited to ask questions to Steve, and here is a clip of the first of these questions, also one of the highlights of the entire talk which the infamous tongue makes an appearance.

“I’m really curious about how you made the decision to drop out of Stanford and join Microsoft. And especially what you saw in them, and how you were thinking about that decision, and how exactly it happened.”

Overall, it is a very entertaining and informative talk that provides a different perspective on Steve, one who the media doesn’t portray very often – a person who doesn’t stick his tongue out when excited, sweat when shouting words repeatedly, talk very loudly or clap hysterically when amused. Apparently, he’s just human, with a very big paycheck.

If you have an hour to spare, and there’s absolutely nothing else better to do, check out the full webcast or transcript yourself. If I can watch it (with a little enthusiasm), so can you!

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