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The Playstation 3 finally arrived in Australia last week much to the anticipation of 40 individuals who were shopping for a new grill on Friday night. Of course, that didn’t stop the major electronics retailers across Australia from hyping and promoting this spanking new gaming console in catalogues, radio and TV. But how did the little guys compete? You know, the corner shop down the street with a 100sq.ft. showroom and no advertising budget.

One Tandy Electronics store in Hobart Australia decided to take Playstation 3 advertising matters into their own hands with 9 pieces of A4 paper, some sticky tape and a lot of creativity.

Playstation 3 advertisementPlaystation 3 advertisement

Obviously this store did not contribute to the 20 million copies of Windows Vista sold, but however, their marketing ingenuity gives new meaning to “improvisation”.

A Tandy representative, if were to be contacted, would have said something like this, “It is unfortunately that a store owner in Hobart has resorted to such desperate measures of marketing. One day, we too will master the art of printing, but until then, we cross our fingers and pray at night this will never happen again.”

Special thanks to reader Tim Bendall for sending this in.

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  1. That was so funny I laughed out loud! I wonder how many people in Tasmania actually bought a PS3?

  2. I am not a native english speaker, but shouldn’t it be “it’s a sony” instead of “its a sony” ??

  3. Yes it should be ‘it’s’, but that assumes that whoever made these signs is intelligent…

    The sign has been taken down now, and there was no sign of it in the store.

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