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  1. so i always wondered… say i have a screensaver that hogs cpu & memory, and i have the monitor to blank itself after 3 min. is the screensaver still running and hogging cpu after the monitor blanks itself?

  2. Hmm, all the power we save is produced anyway. It is not possible to control nuclear reactors with the screensaver settings 😉

  3. I agree, i also ask my monitor to sleep after two minutes of non-activity and would also switch off my system if i am not using it for a long periods of time.

  4. It’s a very nice idea!

    @tino: I don’t know exactly how the energy is handled in Australia, but in my country there’s a big national net of power plants, so if the city A needs more than the output of their power plant, they can borrow from another power plant from city B or C.
    I’ve been working for a hydroelectric power station, and they managed energy by turning on and off the turbines. If they produce more than what is needed, the network overloads.

  5. @tino

    Do you even understand the concept of power and electricity? If you think power stations are going to keep pumping out electrical current when it’s not being used then you’re dreaming (this applies to ANY country).

    Where does all this produced (but not used) power go?

  6. Watch out Long, I just saw your intro page – it looks like your site is now hosted on Myspace!

  7. @Syco

    Your so wrong! Is looks worse.

    Long, I don’t even know how you made it. Making that would be really hard, you just don’t think that way designing. *sigh*

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