‘Hello’ Cooperman talks about eating food

So I was trying to dig up on what Hillel Cooperman has been doing for the last few years away from Microsoft, then I came across this. I’ve heard so much about how good of a presenter he is, but it’s always a void when you try to find a video of his presentations. So I came across this awful recording of him recently at Ignite Seattle on February 13th, talking about “How to Make Every Meal an Opportunity for a Memorable Experience”.

It’s hard to get past the annoying buzzing sound throughout, but he drew me in to a topic I would otherwise never had a second thought about. This guy sure knows how to eat! And he even uses Live Search and Live Maps – a true patriot!

I wonder how you say “Hello Hillel” without sounding like a complete dork.

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  1. ah good let the stalking begin… he is a man though, i think you should stick with Jenny

  2. Nice presentation. This is Pecha Kucha style presentation, right? I did one on December last year in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Tools for Inspiration. It is quite hard to do 20 slides in 5 minutes without any control:

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