The many faces of Silverlight

SilverlightAmid the re-branding of WPF/E, Silverlight introduced a new name (still with me?), a new website, new theme and probably the most visually prominent, a new logo. Being a (self-proclaimed) designer, this is probably the most interesting of all the changes introduced. It’s hard to put down exactly what the logo is, but it looks something like smokey ribbons enclosed in a sphere-like shape. It’s outright abstract, somewhat blue for Silverlight and reminds me a lot of Strepsils’s logo.

What’s most interesting is how it animates and creates new variations of the same logo as demonstrated in the website showreel. Here’s a compilations of the Silverlight logo animating and creating new variations. Some of them I think even look better than the original!

Silverlight animation captures

It’s not even worth guessing what the ‘loading animation’ for the release-version of Silverlight might look like. 😉

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  1. Might want to mention this:

    Microsoft PlayReady content-access technology delivers a single solution for digital rights management support on both Windows-based computers and Macintosh computers for content providers (coming in Fall 2007).

  2. I loved the music, too.

    Microsoft’s been using it for a while now, probably part of their Longhorn media archives. The teaser page for the (then) upcoming new Windows Marketplace used a variation of it as well.

    Anybody got a clue what is the song or the artist or any info?

  3. Microsoft is trying to be cool – with shabby results for me. Insofar Sliverlight logo looks fresh and somehow Web 2.0 Pro (lol) – video is awful. I like blue, but i dont wanna live in flat, glassy world without walls and horizons :P. Ah, and Tom Cruise in Minority Report is faster in managing windows ;P.

    But, Silverlight would be good alternative for Flash

    Im in love; Apple iPod ad with The Fratellis is ~~wheeyaah lol.

    End of transmission; Smurfs are good and sweet and so-oh fresh; sorry for english guys ;p.

  4. Will MS rebrand WPF now? Maybe back to “Avalon” or what about “Silverlight/Somewhere”? ;P

  5. Does anyone see a similarity between the buddy list (around 1:00) and the folder browser in Iron Man?

  6. I’m late to this discussion—but your site was first in the Google search for “Silverlight Logo”. Ya know, as a [self-proclaimed] designer, I gotta say it’s interesting, but not really a logo. I can’t even imagine trying to reproduce this thing at 1/2″ on a black and white sticker. But I’m not even sure it _needs_ a logo.

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