“Go” – The music from Silverlight & Longhorn videos

With the help of Sean Alexander, who happens to be the Microsoft director responsible for Silverlight and producing the showreel video as well as a good friend, has informed me the music from the Silverlight promo video is a remix of the track by Andy Hunter called “Go”. Most notably, this song was also used in one of the Longhorn promotional PDC 2003 videos.

Andy Hunter appears to have quite a relationship with Microsoft, performing at many Microsoft events including the launch of XP Media Center 2005. There is a streaming video of that event with Andy playing this song, “Go”.

You can hear a 30-second preview of the song on his album page. The song is available from Amazon, iTunes and Allofmp3 as well as many other favorable distribution sources.

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  1. Damn you, Zheng, you just saved me what would have ended up being countless years of researching the nature of this song!

    j/k, thanks a bunch šŸ˜‰

  2. Silverlight is a weak name so is Zune MS use to come up with good names like X-Box Windows Office IE

  3. @PocketKocurek: Yep, that’s an alternate version, which is shorter if memory serves me right. But then all end up with the same message.

  4. Damn it, every time i see that longhorn vid and then look at the Vista surrounding the IE window, I get a little bit more disappointed. But the music’s cool šŸ™‚

  5. Thank you, Long, it will go into my collection with “All These Things That I’ve Done” from PDC`s “Change the world” video and traditional “Horngod” PDC`s music.

    And… hey, did you see Blink182`s “Wonderful World” from Windows Vista release event in any album / or internet? I cant find, where I can download / buy this composition.

  6. The one from Silverlight is too “futurist”. I can’t make my skate pressing buttons in the air. One day, that will be possible, but keep this kind of advertisment for that moment.
    I liked the second video, it’s more realist. “We don’t see pixels, we see pictures” sounds clever, I liked that part.
    And “we are just getting started” sounds too… mac. But it’s fine too šŸ™‚

  7. Hmm. Am I the only one who hates this song? It is so childish and without any dramaturgy. Thinking about Silverlight I hear clear and crisp sounds and not such 90’s techno effects overkill stuff.

  8. In Reply to Raiker,
    I think by “horngod” you mean “Horndog” by Overseer also used in the Mitsubishi Endeavor Commercial.

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