Nvidia: last remaining GPU company?
According to Nvidia, yes!

Nvidia: Last remaining GPU company

I don’t recall AMD or Intel ever announcing the termination of their graphics divisions, in fact even S3 Graphics still makes Vista-compatible graphics cards, but according to an internal Nvidia “year-in-review 2006” video, they’re as good as gone. I’d like to see what AMD, Intel and S3 thinks of their sudden demise.

Cool video nevertheless. Music is called “The Adventure” by Angels and Airwaves for those of you playing at home.

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  1. Well, I imagine they’d justify it by saying that Intel and AMD are essentially ‘CPU companies’ with ‘GPU *divisions* while S3 ‘remodeled itself as a consumer electronics company and sold off its core graphics division to a joint venture with VIA Technologies for $323 million.’

  2. @Oliver M: Petty good explanation, but it’s still a pretty ignorant attitude by Nvidia.

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  4. NVIDIA are the worst in terms of driver support. I have an Intel graphics controller in my notebook and I’ve NEVER had an issue with it, but I’ve had a ton of issues with NVIDIA that could make a baby duck want to kill itself in a fit of rage.

  5. I have an Intel and SiS GFX card. Very good. I’ve only had to install new drivers once on the Intel one, and none on the SiS one.

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