Watch WinHEC 07 and CEO Summit webcasts live

Sinofsky black holeMicrosoft’s forward-looking black-hole, Steve Sinofsky strikes again! Although this time, it’s not a secret screenshot of the next Windows release, or telling enthusiasts to stop getting excited about the future, but sucking up the links to the webcasts stream of two exciting events over the next two days – WinHEC 2007 and the Microsoft CEO Summit.

Believe it or not, the URLs to the webcast streams of these two events have actually been ‘hidden’ in HTML comments to be unveiled some nanoseconds before the actual event. Whilst it might be great to build a lot of site traffic for unsuspecting users who spend hours looking for these links, it’s frustrating to some of us who enjoy watching these live from the comfort of the bed couch. I’m sure Sinofsky played no part in the HTML coding, but everyone else who I can make fun of has left the damn company. ๐Ÿ˜›

WinHEC 07The Windows Hardware Engineering Conference might sound like a boring mix of circuits and drivers, it’s actually pretty interesting because it often showcases the latest in Windows client and server technologies powered by the latest and upcoming hardware platforms – in fact, the first Longhorn demo was showcased at WinHEC 2003. I’m personally looking forward to some of the virtualization technologies, DirectX 10.1 and future storage & input concepts. The webcast starts at May 15 8:30am PST:

Update: Day 2 keynote webcast URLs are available straight from the WinHEC website (like it should be).

Microsoft CEO Summit 2007The Microsoft CEO Summit on the other hand isn’t as so practical as WinHEC, but it doesn’t mean it won’t contain some interesting demos or concept products. The Summit hosts around 100 CEOs representing 3 trillion dollars and 11 million employees, so Microsoft will want to show them the best of the best. Most notably, the Tablet PC made much of its debut at the Summit, also where every CEO walked home with one to try. You can say it’s a high-class event. The webcast starts at May 16 8:50am PST:

Start streaming now for your complimentary copy of the Microsoft classical music collection.

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  1. “Iโ€™m sure Sinofsky played no part in the HTML coding, everyone else who I can make fun of has left the damn company.” That is why I enjoy reading your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thx for the alerts.

  2. Oh how long we’ve come since WinHec 2003.. almost brought a tear of nostalgia seeing those “aero” interfaces on Paul’s website…

  3. This sucks.. Ive been looking for these links so I could make sure I could watch them from the beginning. So I missed the first 2 hours (the best part). But thanks Long, im sure alot of us appreciate you finding the links for us.

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