Certified for Windows Vista viral gym videos

The “Certified for Windows Vista” brand had a big push from Microsoft’s WinHEC 2007 conference last month. One of the better, if not the best highlight of the entire show were these viral “gym videos”. Two of them were shown during intermissions in the keynote. The other 3, has just been published on the official website, productofchampions.com. Here they are.

Let’s Get Certified. (The ending is priceless.)

110% Times 2.

Towel Whip.

Doorstop. (Is that an Apple Mighty Mouse?)


10 insightful thoughts

  1. @Christopher: Same, although I think this is less about the stickers and more about the testing and branding. So you’ll probably see it on the packaging box, but not on the product itself.

  2. “If that sticker was scratch n’ sniff, it’ll smell like success!”

    lol, this is what you do when you have billions to waste…

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