“AMD Phenom™ Appears on Ferrari Formula One Helmets.” Thanks to AMD PR for pointing out.

The AMD PR team certainly has their priorities right when a photo gallery ignores much of the thrill and spill of formula one racing, and instead focus on a little sticker promoting AMD’s new processor brand on the side of a racing helmet. Credits to the Daniel and Matt at the Neowin forums for spotting a rather strange yet suspiciously accurate heading on one of AMD’s latest photo galleries from their F1 racing team, it reads “AMD Phenom™ Appears on Ferrari Formula One Helmets“.

Perhaps this is why AMD is pouring millions of sponsorship money into motor racing, so they can get their 4 by 2 inch sticker on the side of a helmet moving at an excess of over 200km/h. Regardless, at least they’ve made the enthusiast’s and my job much easier by pointing it out. I suspect if no one paid any attention to that, they might have initiated Plan B. I’ve created an artistic rendition of what that might have looked like.

AMD Phenom logo on Ferrari Formula One Helmets

So there you have it, the Phenom logo is a purpleish-blue comet swinging by computer stores in Q1 2008.

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  1. @Flint: Good catch, missed that. This one’s a little clearer and bigger 🙂

  2. @Electronic Punk: That was another event, so I’ll reclaim half my dignity 😛

  3. Well, everyone in the import world knows that stickers make the car faster. 😉 So, I wonder if AMD’s marketing department was working with the analogy – Processor is to computer as sticker is to car.

  4. AMD has had their spot on Ferrari’s F1 car for many years now and have had it in several different places over the year. When on TV, it is not hard to spot them out due to the camera work.

  5. Glen Harness said it! If you want, we can go 50/50 to buy two pixels of helmet (sell your house, I’ll try to convince my dad to sell his car and a kidney)

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