Microsoft patent uncovers street-roaming penguins looking for jobs. “Im in ur ctz stealing ur jobz”.

A crapload of patents applications from Microsoft were processed today. There was one in particular that caught my attention, titled “Interactive job channel“. They say Microsoft has the brightest minds in the industry, and this is definite proof. These smart minds have combined two of life’s great necessities, finding a job and the television into one mind-boggling combination. Kiss your death MTV!

Anyway, I decided to dig deeper into this extraordinary invention, checking out some of their accompanied illustrations to find out how such a system would work and what it might look like. But I uncovered something more bizarre. Penguins roaming the city parks to be exact.

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Could you imagine the conversation taken place between the patent inventors and illustration artist?

Inventor: Hey.
Artist: Hey. What do you need drawn?
Inventor: Oh the usual. Just some office buildings would be good. Put a few trees in. Somewhere to sit, say a park bench or something. And some people.
Artist: Screw you, I’m putting in penguins! Kickass.

Unfortunately neither an interactive job channel or street-roaming penguins has taken the world by storm. However when the time is right, I for one welcome our new fluffy overlords.

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  1. They were so cheap they couldn’t even draw four different penguins. So they drew two and then duplicated them.

    Reminds me of Mary Poppins with the penguins in the park serving tea.

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