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  1. @bernard: Thanks. I actually hid a few and Photoshopped some out for that screenshot. Can’t live without Firebug, Gmail notifier, Google Browser Sync, IE Tab, Net Usage Item, Web Developer.

  2. Firebug, IE Tab and Web Developer rock! They make webdevelopment so much easier!

  3. You really must be in love! ;P But why not wait till the SP1 is out? What will you send Mr. Windows if the ReadyBoost bug wouldn’t be fixed?

  4. …oh and for me its the DownloadStatusbar and the Delicious plugin I can’t live without.

  5. I just got the following from them *see below . I think that’s amazing news.. imagine if they did everything in that list. I hope the “fix” refered too is SP1 . It would go a long way in restoring Vista’s rep imho. (anyway -even for next version it’s good news none the less)

    Windows Early Feedback Program Update

    July 9th, 2007

    Since November of 2006 we have received 782 New Feature Suggestions, 562 Change Feature Suggestions, and 384 Defect Reports from members of the Windows Early Feedback Program.

    So far the Windows Beta team has recommended that the below issues be incorporated, or a fix made, into future versions of Windows operating systems.

    This is not a complete list and it will be updated periodically as we receive more votes and suggestions. ….

    The Windows Beta Team

    Feedback ID “New Feature” or “Change Feature” Issue Title

    246472 Basic download manager for Internet Explorer
    246644 Image (ISO, BIN) support in Windows
    248426 Family license
    246465 Multi-session Remote Desktop
    246493 IE7 should include a session restore feature
    247399 Allow other Windows PCs to act as Media Center Extenders
    246638 Allow Reordering Taskbar (Application) Buttons
    246650 Extended Windows Update to cover 3rd party application updates and 3rd party driver updates
    246656 Virtual Desktop Feature
    246703 No dialog should take keyboard focus away from what you are doing
    249765 Freely Open-Up UXTheme.dll allowing users to apply their own Visual Styles to Windows
    247679 Windows should allow deactivation on non OEM machines
    244352 Record live tv when you rewind
    247237 Built-in Codec Manager
    246702 Multiple taskbars for mult-monitor
    276001 Include Pinball into next version of Windows
    247201 Need Tweak-UI power tool for next version of Windows
    246494 Implement Vector GUI in the next version of Windows
    247209 Patch operating system without having to reboot
    246508 Add Folder Size to data displayed in Windows Explorer
    247021 Live CD or DVD to boot from to recover from a crash or virus that would allow to transfer files
    244119 Allow users to customize indexing more effectively
    246502 Disallow removable (usb/firewire) drives to default to next available drive letter when the letter is already used by other network drives
    246777 Windows Mail should be minimizable to the system tray
    247215 User needs simple way to indentify and obtain driver for UNKNOWN devices displayed in device manager
    263788 Windows Internet Explorer: Add “Undo close tab” option (as in Firefox)
    246515 Windows Backup should have more file choice options and should allow user to back-up specific files he selects
    247584 Command Prompt should be improved
    246674 Integrated Anti-Virus
    246575 Built-in spell checker for Internet Explorer
    246534 More desktop themes should be offered in the default installation of the next version of Windows
    246591 IE direct file download – do not download to temp folder
    246706 Allow different background pictures per monitor
    247380 Apply the Aero UX guidelines consistently throughout Windows
    267872 Allow windows user to submit feedback on installations from Windows Update
    270404 Internet Explorer MUST have inline find
    247161 Add a feature to parental control letting you choose how much time children can connect, not only when.
    270643 Updated, powerful Partition Manager built into Windows
    246790 Low Disk Space Warning should have individual settings for each partition
    247130 Create a new user type for Child with a protected desktop controlled by parent.
    246752 Windows Media Extenders should be able to play DivX and Xvid files
    246496 Add a message to the “Computer Locked” screen
    244127 UAC Badge on all icons that will require UAC prompt
    246844 Support Boot from EFI ( Extended Firmware Interface ) or UEFI
    246920 Screen resolution saved in profile
    247239 Replace error ID number with plain language explanation
    248520 Add An Icon To Programs Running With Elevated Rights


  6. lol Jamie, I thought you weren’t supposed to post that anywhere. πŸ˜›

    And, why’d that thread only get locked and not deleted?

  7. i didnt post this here.. i put it on channel9 and have since removed it.

    that’s not “me” above

  8. he was NOT supposed to post it. Aeroxp was asked to remove that list. it would be a good idea for Long to delete it as well.

    On to regular business though: Long might have as well not scrubbed out the email addy. Its not hard to come up with microsoft emplyoee email addys. πŸ˜‰

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