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  1. It’s funny but it’s not the true. We can buy Vista now and download SP1 for free whenever it comes. No reason for waiting. so this is not the case with Microsoft.

  2. @Texnomic: Very true, but a lot of people are waiting for SP1 just to buy Vista. In a sense, they are waiting to buy Vista with SP1, which is what I’m implying.

  3. lmfao – funny 🙂

    This is my take on things – people seem either to want a new computer, and therefore Vista comes with it. The flipside is that the more advanced users want to wait until SP1 comes out so that everything’s a bit more secure and a bit faster and all this.

    Truth is, I’ve been running Vista RTM since about 3-4 months before it came out in the shops just like a lot of testers… and I can’t say I’ve actually had a problem with it yet. I develop, I game, I screw around… and even tried to break it, but it just doesn’t. Am I missing something, or is it actually that good?

    Still… I *personally* prefer Windows Server 2003 R2 still 🙂

  4. Pretty funny. I’ve been running Vista both at the office and at home since it RTM’ed and have been pleasently surprised by both it’s performance and stability. Now, it’s certainly not w/o issue but niether was XP for me. All in all, I’m quite pleased and eagerly await SP1 if for no other reason, than to improved upon the present experience I’m having w/ Vista.

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  6. It is really sad, but I guess it is true that people will buy Vista only when SP1 is out. And for a good reason! BTW, is that the original Dilbert strip, or did you edit it out with the red markings?

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