TechEd Day 1: Blogging Bloggers’ Lunch

As requested by master Frank Arrigo, here we are sitting in Bloggers’ Lunch at Microsoft TechEd Australia 2007, blogging about Bloggers’ Lunch – a discussion over lunch about Web 2.0 (and even blogging).

The lunch, including a salad in a smoothie cup, came in a picnic-style box.

The panel of ‘experts’ each providing their own unique perspective on the subjects.

(Proud) Frank Arrigo, responsible for moderating the discussion.

Philip Sim – CEO of Media Connect, Australian PR company. His blog is “Squash“.

Darren Niemke, from Readify. Blogs at “MarkItUp“.

Des Walsh, business coach working from home. Blogs at ““.

Jane Oโ€™Connell, products and strategy at NineMSN, mainstream media. Does not blog.

Michael Platt, director of web application architecture at Microsoft. Blogs at ““.

Nick Hodge has an in-depth summary of what was discussed at the lunch. Including value of blogging, information overflow and management, censorship, journalism, Web 2.0 and privacy.

7 insightful thoughts

  1. It appears the muffin didn’t get anything but a cameo in your photo. No mention. Was it delicious? We will never know. How is that blogging the lunch? I expect Long Zheng to cover the entire story. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. If we look at all the speakers’ photos, it becomes obvious that the sessions were an attempt to figure out whether the serious-looking people are better bloggers or the funky-looking ones. I hope that the funky-looking ones won out, otherwise I will now have to buy a tie ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @ Long Zheng: Great pics!

    @Arjeet: I wouldn’t expect anyone to call me funky these days, but I’m not wearing a tie. So now I’m wondering, can I be a good blogger still? :-s

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