TechEd Day 2: Microsoft announces LOLCode support and Cheezburger Studios

At the Microsoft TechEd 2007 Conference in Australia, Microsoft shook the entire cheezburger industry today when it announced official support for the LOLCode programming language in favor over C#. In an attempt to appeal to younger and more cat-loving programmers. The next release of Visual Studio, renamed to “Cheezburger Studio” will only support LOLCode to increase (kitten) adoption rates. The new LOLCode debugger, dubbed “Cheezburgler” is said to make programming “delicious”.

Nick Hodge was on the show floor giving a quick attendees a quick taste (pun) of LOLCode and Cheezburger Studios.

The announcement, appropriately delivered right before lunch, attracted many attendees looking for a tasty treat.

Nick was giving a quick history lesson on LOLCat, including many real-life imitations.

Nick goes through some sample code to demonstrate the breakthrough features of LOLCode.


Joe Pobar, program manager for CLR (Common LOLCode Runtime), gives his approval.

By the end of the day everyone agreed LOLCode was the future and was impressed to see Microsoft at the forefront of programming technologies.

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  1. hm… I don’t get that hold LoLcats craze… cute? maybe. Funny? only if you have the intellect of a 5 year old. Am I alone with this thinking?

    I must be a dog person or something.

  2. This is no joke, LOLCode is a significant advancement in programing language and its great to see Microsoft promoteing new technologies

  3. I agree with Tom, I think LOLCats is just plain silly talk. I guess it sounds funny, but it’s not cute or anything. It’s just sily.

  4. Is ridiculous a strong enough word to respond to this 🙂 or should I avoid the smiley and just say LOL. LOLCats might be silliness (or not), but it once again demonstrates how a simple innovation can capture the imagination of many. That is what we need — innovation.

  5. LOCODE is highly influenced by languages like Python and Perl, but is focused on ease-of use and humour. The side effect of humour as a goal is it becomes easy to remember.
    This is a useful thing in getting new people interested in programming.

  6. Is that my implementation that they’re using? I’d be delighted if it was – featured at a teched conference! And nobody even mentioned it to me!

  7. LOL Microsoft are idiots if they believe this is a good move. Watch there empire and client base come crashing down if they eventually stop supporting .NET to continue a language like Lolcode.


    Some people just take life WAY too seriously!! Sheesh!!

    I am off, coz I can haz cheezburger now – coz I am in ur puter sendn reealitee cheks. kthnxbye

  9. Paul, I’ve created a bridge application using LOLCode, and I’d like to sell it to you.

  10. Hhahaa.. LOLCode! w0000t? 🙂

    BTW, seems lots of ppl who posted comments here need a serious medical help. Guys, go get some life autside your programming IDE 🙂

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  12. Gee, Tom & Co. Being amused by things that are “silly” != “having the intellect of a five-year-old.”

    (I think almost everyone amused by LOLcatitude is well aware that it’s all silliness; it doesn’t say anything about their intellectual level, only about their sense of humor. They could as easily say, “People who don’t like LOLcats have no sense of humor,” but that isn’t true either… liking LOLcats is indicative of nothing except maybe spending too much time fooling around on the WWW.)

  13. OK, now, really! The WEB. Not the “please insert http:// where I didn’t type it.” 😉

  14. Is this just some guys goofing around, or can i really develop some funny lolcode with visual studio? From what it looks, it looks like a scripting language, can it be used on the server side like php? I want to play with it.

  15. I cannot believe that this lolcats pot is continuing to generate reactions after all this while. Certainly the Internet has become an echo chamber. 🙂

  16. I think more than anything this shows just how great innovation can be. This is a Turing-complete language built around a (usually) ambiguous way of communicating which nevertheless is able to be used (albeit in a strange way) to build useful programs.

    I can haz impressed by this.


  17. A code like this isn’t really useless like someone thinks. In my experience, having to code using different languages is REALLY boring. Just looking at the code gives me a headache. LOLCode, however, gives a funny “twist” in coding, making it the exact opposite of the average programming languages. It makes me laugh every time I go through codes also, learning statements is very interesting and amusing. Imagine, you could have actual FUN while coding a USEFUL program. 😀

    That is all. Kthxbai!

    1. Oh ya, different languages = your average programming languages. Stoopid hooman ewor. xD

  18. Good job guys! Can’t wait to see working code twitter…

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