Windows Home Server, officially available August 27 (update)

Windows Home ServerIf there’s one computing server product every enthusiast and home-user should be excited about, that would not be Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition for Itanium-Based Systems, instead it should be Windows Home Servercodename “Q”. Last month, WHS was released to manufacturing aiming for distribution “in the next couple of months” and retail availability “this fall”. The official availability date is now most likely Monday, August 27th 2007.

Windows Home Server General Availability Date

On the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website, a listing for Windows Home Server states the general availability date as 8/27/2007, and mainstream support retirement date as 10/9/2012. This however does not suggest OEM products such as those from HP will ship then – still expected to come “fall” (September).

In this case, general availability most likely refers to the DVD package for system builders and other OEM channels. If you’re one of those people who want to build your own Home Server, then you should consider bugging your local computer shop for a copy from August 27. Alternatively start your own OEM business.

For those who are looking for a more ‘buy-one-and-it-works’ package, hold on to your horses and DVDRip movies for just a little bit longer as complete systems are still on-track for a September release.

Update: Another knowledgeable individual has also confirmed August 27 as the availability date for Windows Home Server.

Update 2: Microsoft insists this is only the support availability date. However, why would you support a product that is not available at the time? Evidence also suggests OEMs in Australia and New Zealand have already begun shipping Windows Home Server discs.

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  1. newegg, sells a ton of OEM Microsoft Operating systems, does this mean I can look here on that date?

  2. New Zealand release was on the 16th, Australia today (stock arrived on 17th, release is 18th), and Europe will be on the 22nd.

    Finally we get something quicker than the US!

  3. It seems to me that Windows Home Server should have been part of Windows Vista Home Basic, such is its obvious desirability and usefullness.

    I guess it was also obvious that M$$$$$$$$ would separate out the only worthwhile operating system upgrade they have made since XP and deliberately remove data security features from Vista products – especially Home versions – so that customers would be obliged to pay extra.

    Had Vista achieved:

    – 64 bit
    – working drivers from all major 3rd parties
    – security enhancements
    – data backup via WHS and Live service
    – goodies like Ultimate Extras
    – performance improvements

    then it would have been hailed as a worthy successor to XP. Guess that’s why most people trash it, ZERO out of SIX isn’t a very good score 🙁 In fact I give it -1 for removing WHS to a separate product.

    It will be interesting to see whether the typical home computing family takes up WHS. I’m going to stick with my USB external hard drive and MOZY for the truly important stuff.

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  5. John F. Jackson :
    1) WHS is from SBS code base (witch is not half dumb for a server)
    2) Vista have backup features
    3) Vista have 64bits (I’m on it right now …), 100% working drivers (for all the configurations I have seen installed on), security enhancements (what is UAC for you ?), and performance are as good as XP (with improvements with prefetch).

    I think Vista have a nice score as far as I’m concerned …

    Now If you wand data backup via WHS it IS possible and via Live service I think you should try to upload more than 250GB of data to a web server.

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  7. Just in time to get in the 2007 worst web site / marketing contest Microsoft has launched this bomb. is so badly conceived and executed it’s hard to even watch. Does anyone know which junior creative agency Microsoft used to produce this drooled site? I thought that the Windows Home Server idea had merit but this web site really looks kind of 1990 Wal-Mart. America’s talking?? Yeah and they’re saying this is crap. Oh the kids book is really the low point. How stupid is that?? Clearly the writers for this site are still in middle school. What an insult to anyone to unfortunately going to this waste of energy. This has my vote for worst of Microsoft 2007.

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