13 insightful thoughts

  1. Apple is so bad….. I hope we will stop to hear about Apple soon .. Because everything they do is shit 🙁 … apple is like a virus… but it’s not only computer that are infected.. humans too !

  2. Jay, I know you’re joking, but their fans are like annoying popup ads. And the appropriate ad blocker is illegal.

  3. haha, wow too much apple news!!!!! I was about to kill myself when all day engadget FLOODED the main page with iP00d news.

  4. hahaha, annoying popups :-p

    Apple has become like Paris Hilton/ Lindsay Lohan/ Anna Nicole Smith/ Brittney Spears of the tech world. I DON’T GIVE A CRAP about the rumors that come out daily. Why is it that Engadget and Gizmodo provide such detailed and annoying coverage the the slightest rumor. It is a freaging music player! I mean the nano isn’t anything spectacular. And when they introduced the iPod touch, the drools and cheers from the audience might as well have been for the second coming of Jesus…

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