Windows Vista UI design spoof video

Making spoof videos would definitely top the list of talents by Microsoft employees. Here’s a dated but rare video staring the infamous (and now disbanded) MSX design team who worked on the Windows Codename Longhorn project.

This time they poke fun at the user experience decision making process for Longhorn, what would become Windows Vista. Starring from left to right, Tjeerd Hoek – design director for Windows, Greg Melander – visual design lead for Longhorn; Cees van Dok – lead product designer; Mark Ligameri – design manager & creative director for Longhorn; and Chris Guzak – senior architect for Windows.

[flv:vistadesigndos.flv 600 450]

“The shell really doesn’t do that much.”

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  1. oh my god that was funny. I was laughing a little bit to much in class though. My teacher came over and asked me if somethign was wrong. Brilliant Video. Did you get that from Tjeerd, Long?

  2. so funny !

    by the way Long … will we see another UI better than the AERO GLASS? what about the AERO DIAMOND ??? nothing in the future? it would be so fine to have CHOICE.. that’s what we need but how can Microsoft forget that all the time ? 🙁

  3. Rather pathetic, really. Not that funny and badly done. That MS packaging spoof was thousand times better.

  4. Funny video. Glad they made Vista’s UI what it is today. It’s most definitely an improvement over previous Windows. Clear, Confident, and Connected.

  5. No such thing as Aero Diamond – vector Glass graphics are at least 2 years out – simply because computers nowadays just aren’t that powerful to constantly render Glass on that scale. OK there might be a *few* machines (more than 4GB of RAM and a graphics card which probably hasn’t been invented yet) but maybe in the next OS release 🙂

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  7. “simply because computers nowadays just aren’t that powerful to constantly render Glass on that scale.”

    Of course not, a good UI needs a Quad SLI setup, I think that’s pretty obvious.

    …we’re doing less with better hardware on windows, wonder why.

  8. Oh Marcus!
    You really did get assimilated by the Ms Marketing team. Oh how sad… 😛

    I didn’t think the video was that funny, i found it kind of sad because it reminded me of how much power the original shell was going to provide. And you can use the current Vista shell as a bloody joke.
    Just my opinion of course….

  9. Yeah those icons are so 1980s!

    Actually I love watching those movies where their computers show a modern-futuristic custom UI on screen where many times it actually consists of just text and overlaying graphics! Could the UI team be on to something in this spoof??

  10. Insomniac, no I did not get “assimilated”. I actually happen to like Vista’s UI very much. I refuse to rebel against my own opinions and join the “Bash Windows Vista” bandwagon. You don’t like it- fine. Don’t force your judgment upon me. Stick with whatever works for you, because that’s exactly what I’m doing.

  11. I don’t like very much to change my habbits. I use Windows XP for a long time and don’t want to change it on Windows Vista

  12. @Marcus,
    I said that because of the “Clear, Confident, and Connected” that’s the marketing stuff… I don’t believe I “forced” my judgment upon you. And I was only playing around hence the “:P”

    Oh well, I’m glad you like the current UI.

  13. It may have been marketing stuff, but it’s the truth from my experience. 🙂

    The “Oh how sad…” comment threw me off a bit.

    Sorry to jump the gun, though. Just been seeing too many negative comments lately.

  14. Are we sure this is a spoof? Vista UI turned to crap after they started over. Does MS have any plans to get their act together on this?

  15. I like Vista UI very much, it really makes me more productive (easy to customize favorites in Windows Explorer, search (better than spotlight – Start Menu srearch is an actual system window, you can drag-n-drop from there, filtering by properties(amazing! no other OS has this) and stuff), but this video is really sad.

  16. ROFL!!! It’s all so true, it’s all… what? I didn’t get it. Windows Vista? I’m still using Windows 95…

  17. In a way, I think it’s great. We have too much fluff in OS’s today, it’s good to get back to basics. I do get tired of people saying how much better Vista is than XP. I’m sure there’s a few improvments, but I don’t see where it’s all that great, maybe in 10 years but I’m stick with XP to the bitter end, than switching to DOS 3.3 🙂

  18. Too bad it doesn’t work on my mother’s year old iMac. I wonder if it works on the new ones with the intel chips? Only the quicktime symbol shows up. Can’t wait to get home to my PC.

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