Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 will ship in October? Lock it in? Final answer, Microsoft?

Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000

Microsoft Hardware had a big day today announcing a load of new hardware peripherals, but let’s not forget the already 7-months-late Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 dubbed the “ultimate keyboard” – at least it was when it was announced. Microsoft Australia today sent out a slightly different press release to the one in the US, stating the ultimate desktop keyboard and mice set in now on track to be available in October. Has Microsoft cried wolf far too many times?

Pricing and Availability
The products introduced today will be available to customers through major retailers or local computers store in the following months. The recommended retail prices* are as follows:

September 2007
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 $199.95
October 2007
Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 $449.95
November 2007
Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 $149.95
Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 $69.95
Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse $129.95
Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000 $149.95
Microsoft LifeCam NX-3000 $99.95
December 2007
Microsoft Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 $99.95

*Prices are Australian recommended retail prices. Actual prices may vary.

Right up there alongside Duke Nukem Forever, the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 seemed like vaporware ever since it was announced exactly a year ago today, September 13, 2006. Originally intended to ship alongside Windows Vista in February 2007, then May, then September, and now October. Even Amazon has no idea.

No one really knows why this perfectly fine product keeps being pushed around. Hardware reviewers have all had the opportunity to play with the product, some impressed, others not, but nevertheless have all touched the product. If the problem is mass manufacturing, then I’m afraid by the time this product finally ships, no one would want it anymore. Will Microsoft actually ship any of these ‘next-generation’ hardware devices?

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  1. Mr. Long Zheng, who exactly is impatiently waiting to pay $449.95 for a keyboard even if it cures AIDS?

  2. That’s Australian dollars if it helps, so its US$300. I guess that is a lot for a keyboard and mouse, but some people have money and they want to have a good looking computer. Just ask the people who put spinning red lights at the back of the computer case no one can actually see.

  3. Ur Long, I recently reviewed that same exact keyboard and mouse in your graphic for ActiveWin and my blog and its called the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. Whats the difference between 8000 and 7000? BTW, the suggested pricing that came with some reviewers documentation was $129, that $300 has got be a mistake. I saw one at the Vista launch January with a different finish, but no noticeable differences.

  4. The 8000 is different to the 7000. I don’t know all the details but one thing is that it is backlit, the keyboard is rechargable and it has USB ports.

    Why has it taken so long to make though? Bugger paying $450 for a keyboard and mouse!

    – GoldCoaster

  5. Well with the 8000 you can recharge the mouse simply by placing it over a ‘special recharging pad’ (see link provided). Lately though I’ve been eyeing on those luscious wafer thin Apple keyboards which are minimally astonishing and that’s something completely different and refreshing (your opinion may vary..)

  6. I’ve always liked MS mice and the 8000 series might even replace my 7000 series mouse but if they had developed a mouse with a dual scroll wheel at the flick of a switch the free/fluid scroll wheel turns into the step/indent scroll wheel.

    That would be the ultimate mouse to me as MS mice are great for desktop usage but not for games with the free/fluid scroll wheels whereas the step/indent are great for games but not as nice for the desktop.

    I think Logitech have such a mouse but I have not seen anyone describe how it works properly.

  7. I hope prices will drop after a couple months, otherwise it will remain a toy for the rich. the maximum I’d pay for a keyboard with mouse would be 120 US. 300 is just plain over the top.

  8. I’m looking at it on Provantage.com right now – $242.64 US… (it’s not in stock yet).

    I’ve tinkered with the 7000 – absolutely love the 8000 mouse – am a bit bummed by the keyboard, particularly the F-Keys (touch-sensitive strips). I mean, I want audiovisual feedback on my taps and clicks.

    If the 8000 mouse were bundled with an Intellitype-powered Reclusa (bluetooth too) – that’d be a workstation dream – audio & video editing, two scrolling wheels, macroability… I’d be groovin’ on it.

    If the 8000, or the Apple Bluetooth Aluminum were embedded in the notebook, and could be removed and used remotely (with the notebook or a desktop) – that’d make a world of sense.

    It would also make a world of sense because then I’d not have to buy and strip a notebook to replace the keyboard – just buy a new keyboard and snap it back in.

    I should patent that idea… hmmmm…. wait – there are already 9,239 patents on it. Oh well, I still have dibs on the pressure sensitive toilet seat.

  9. Speaking of vaporware, time is running out for the Ultimate team to deliver DreamScene and 20 more language packs before the end of summer…

  10. I’m glad they’re looking out for the lefties…for that much I would’ve liked to see a 10-key and an ambidextrious mouse or even offer a left or right edition plus some built in 1GB mobile memory goodness as in their other upcoming mouse – however thats supposed to work.

  11. btw, shows up for 260US$ on Amazon now. wait another couple months and add a rebate and it may become affordable. Looks cool on the video by Laura Foy, thanks for the link dentaku

  12. I just realised – this doesn’t have a number pad! Buggered if I would by a keyboard with out that. $450 and doesn’t have that basic item – ripped off.

  13. this keyboard and mouse is wireless and rechargeable. not too many of those. logitech’s, when it first came out, was around the same price. i will be purchasing this as soon as it comes out. i’ve been waiting for a keyboard solution for my living room that would not require buying batteries.

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