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Well the wait is over for Halo 3, the ad that is. Named “Diorama”, it features a theoretical but ‘real’ monument created in the year 2607, on exhibit in the (imaginary) Museum of Humanity. Crafted by historians (artists) to pay tribute (make an ad) to the greatest of heroes, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. I’ll just leave the figurines to do the talking. Check out the Flash version below or the original HD version.

[flv:BELIEVE_90_noESRBnoDATE_HDformat-hi.flv 640 360]

Oh yes, how freaking cool is that. And yes, that is a real miniature model crafted by real people. I’m not sure how they can achieve the flame or smoke effects, but it’s pretty much one of the most detailed models I’ve seen. You can explore it in much more detail on the site, as well as see the following (fake) “making-of“.

[flv:SXBX0479_Halo3_Monument_Mocku_wESRB_Xbox.com_StreamHI.flv 640 360]

The creative strategy is very unique, but is the result better than Gears of War’s award-winning “Mad World“? I don’t speak for everybody, but definitely a contender.

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  1. Whoever makes XBox 360’s game trailers rules! They have a knack for making it seem more than just regular gameplay: It seems downright cinematic! If they showed this trailer of Gears of War in front of a movie in a theatre, (before they see the XBox 360 logo), I’d bet people would say, “Hey, I want to see that movie!”

    Case in point: Gears and the Halo 3 trailer makes me want to play the game and I’ve only played an XBox for about 5 minutes. That’s good marketing.

  2. outstanding, gears was already brilliant, mostly because of the music. but this, this is truely awesome 🙂

    more of that please

  3. i dont own an xbox360 – nor an xbox – only a ps2 which i havent powered on in years – but these ads make me want to buy and play halo! 🙂 damn

    btw – which lucky guy can take the models home after the campaign?

  4. Funny how this video gets people’s hope up when the game isn’t close to the level of detail seen here. ^^

  5. Great stuff. I haven’t got a 360 but gee, it makes you want one.

    I have read that sony employees are spamming around the place saying Halo3 has poor graphics – look above, xaml is one of them with their comment.

  6. @goldcoaster: stop talking out of you ass, you hole. Neither working for Sony nor a fan boy. Realise that this trailer was hand made and hasn’t got anything to do with the upcoming game – at least not from a technological point of view. Look closely at the frozen scene with the tank; the fume was made out of cotton wool.

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