30 insightful thoughts

  1. No Long, you’re not alone. I’m happy to keep track of a few friends via Facebook, but I’ve got no wish to get vampire werewolf or zombie bites, play cards, give pretend booze, or have a virtual aquarium.

    Though I will admit to playing Facebook Pacman.

  2. No I’m also declining any requests to be turned into a zombie, add a fish tank, be compared with others, or any other crazy Facebook apps. It’s quickly turning into myspace, minus the ability for users 2 customise the backgrounds.

    Only time I’ll add an app is if it’s actually useful, like the measure of broadband speeds in Australia.


  3. Nope you’re definitely not the only one. From what I’ve been told, most applications spam everyones friends by default, which is probably why they are so widespread and also so annoying.

  4. bringing apps into facebook was a bad idea
    i mean facebook had an elegant, but simple interface
    but with all the apps it looks like myspace now
    i just hope they dont allow people to customize their profiles with css, now that will be really annoying

    oh yeah though, the only good apps are as followed:
    1) Videos
    2) Free Gifts
    3) Chicago Bears Fan

  5. I agree, bringing apps into facebook was a bad idea. The thing that annoys me more than all these invitations though is when your friends add 50 applications to their profile so it takes forever to load. Luckily, however, you can just hide those application boxes you don’t want to see and they’ll hide on any profile you visit that also has the same boxes 🙂

  6. Oh I should’ve taken a screen shot. I have a friend that just moved to Texas and before she left I asked her to remove all of her malicious applications so I could actually communicate without having to agree to every application she used.

    She had every application under the sun. Her profile was uber-long, it took a good ten ‘page downs’ just to get to her actual wall which there were about six of them (super wall, fun wall, wall wall, wall cubed…).

    I just need the photo and video and I’m good. Let’s not MySpace it all up people.

    On a side note, its almost as bad as the guy who has over 1000 friends…how many of those people does he actualy know and talk to?

    But I digress.

  7. I have no apps installed, and it’s been easy. Just look at the invites you get, and ask yourself, “Do you want to be the person SENDING the invites?”

  8. You are not the only one. I refuse to install any applications on Facebook. I wish I could just use it as a directory entry of sorts, so people can find me, instead of having to see how people are faring in the NINJA vs PIRATE war or some crap.

  9. Long,
    I block the application, which prevents further invite requests, then decline the current invitations in my queue. No more crappy application invites!

  10. You’re not the only one, Long. I just wish people knew not to just press ‘Send’ when presented with a list of all their friends after installing the app.

  11. Facebook was perfect until the spawn of applications. Not a day goes by that people try and make me become a zombie or find out what my stripper name is.

  12. whatever happened to websites like friendster?! simple and easy to use…

    and what’s the point of having a gazillion social network accounts? the friends are going to be the same anyway!

  13. I’ve added a few carefully selected ones (Google Reader Shared Items, Pandora), but I never accept an application invitation. Some profiles are looking ridiculous now. It puts you off your own friends!

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