Someone was a big fan of orange…

Microsoft Forefront website

Manager: I want the website to stand out as much as possible. I’m a big fan of orange and robots.
Designer: Get this. First, the whole page is pure orange. Then a robot will appear, but not for long. It will then fade to reveal more orange. My inspiration is the sun.
Manager: Is your last name da Vinci cause that’s brilliant! Implement it right away.

23 insightful thoughts

  1. Yay, orange!
    Me gusta mucho la naranja! (that was propably wrong, wasn’t it?)
    anyhooo, purdy kewl.

  2. MS designers have a lot more to learn about design. Whatever good designs/logos/eye candy we see in MS products is all “hired”. Most, but not all in house design sucks.

  3. If you are CIO buying ForeFront for your IT infrastructure, I think the last thing you are gonna care about is the color of the product page. :s

    In fact, I think orange puts emphasis on the content instead of the page itself, the first thing I recognized when I saw the screen shot is the brand name. Next the Robot, and text: “destroying evil robots: easy, destroying worms: easier”. Instantly, I am curious to find out what it does, so my mind is not focusing on the aesthetics, but the information on the page which is security.

    Result: success

  4. I think you are complaining a tad much there Long… Not enough colorful bunnies for ya? 😛

  5. No long, it does not. If the entire page was just orange, it probably would. But there is a combination of elements to avoid this, the Robot silhouette, the white text and feature modules. There is contrast, which makes the page ok.

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